Pluto Lick Feet
Kairi, the 15-year old Princess of Heart from Destiny Islands, strolled into the front desk of the kennel with an eager grin on her face.  She couldn't wait to see her favorite canine friend.

KAIRI: I'm here to see Pluto!  Enable magic, please!

The management complied, and Kairi's magic transformed her, aging her down by one year so that she was 14.  Her hair was now short and boyish looking, and she wore a white overshirt and black undershirt along with a short purple skirt.  Walking into Pluto's kennel room, Kairi clapped her hands together.

KAIRI: Let's make this place feel just like home!

At once, the scenery changed through magic, looking just like Destiny Islands, with Kairi now standing on the dock overlooking the ocean.  The red-haired girl smiled at this before putting her fingers in her mouth and whistling.

KAIRI: Pluto!  Here, boy!  I'm over here!

Pluto, King Mickey's faithful dog, who also happened to have an extreme liking for Kairi, came running at her from a distance.  Kairi waved at him as he came nearer and slapped her hands on her knees playfully.

KAIRI: Hey, Pluto!  Like my, old look? Hee hee!

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Panting)

Without delay, Pluto jumped at Kairi, felling her to the ground before he planted a big wet one on her face.

KAIRI: Hahahahahaha!

The big dog licked his lips happily, as her skin had gotten even more tasty than last time.

KAIRI: Hee!  So it looks like you're enjoying me!  I'm enjoying you too, boy!

Pluto was touched by these kind words, that he kept up his kissing barrage, soaking her in drool.  The Destiny Islands tomboy grinned and giggled through it all, before winking at Pluto and slipping her pink shoes off.

KAIRI: Oh Plutooooooo!

She wiggles her toes at the dog, who pants with anticipation. He gives one slow slobbery lick up one sole, then the other, going back and forth, eventually going as fast as sound.  Kairi laughs her head off through all this.


Pluto was in absolute heaven, seeing as how he had his favorite girl's bare feet right in front of him, as he gave them more of his dog-kisses and getting more of her skin's wonderful taste.  Kairi continued giggling.

KAIRI: Hahahahahahaha!  Man, this is awesome!

Pluto agreed completely, as his tongue kept traveling up and down her feet, leaving them drenched.  Rubbing her feet and smiling widely, Kairi leaned her face down close to Pluto's, pointing to her lips.

KAIRI: Want a taste of my cherry chapstick, boy?

Pluto panted happily while nodding, and gave the tomboy's lips a sloppy lick.

KAIRI: Hee hee! How is it?

The big dog was licking his own lips from the tastiness of his newest target.  Kairi closed her eyes and chuckled.

KAIRI: Glad you like it.  Have as much as you want!

Pluto wasted no time in having seconds, as he was slurping her all over. 

KAIRI: D'awwwwhahahahahaha!

Pluto stopped and got off her to give her some breathing space, leaving her a slobbery mess on the ground.

KAIRI: Oh Pluto, I love you too, fella!

The spunky redhead threw her arms around Pluto's neck, hugging him.

KAIRI: You're such a good boy!  Do you want me to go bring out Namine for you to play with?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Panting)