Dawn dragged her best friend Zoey behind her energetically as she ran to the kennel. Both the girly blue-haired coordinator and the tomboyish redheaded coordinator had befriended the mastiff Spike, and now they both planned on visiting him together.

DAWN: (Whistling) Spike! We're here boy!

ZOEY: Yeah, so come on out!

At once, Spike appeared, slobber flying from his tongue as he ran toward the two visitors at full speed.  With a booming bark, he jumped at them both, pinning them to the ground.

DAWN: Hahaha! There you are!

Spike's tongue slapped under Dawn's chin and licked it, tilting the girl's head up as it did.

DAWN: Heeheehee! I'm glad to see you again too!

The mastiff then turned to Zoey and licked her from chin to hairline.

ZOEY: Hahahahahaha! Some things never change!

Spike licked his lips, the girls' sweet and spicy tastes mixed very well together!

DAWN: Heehee! We're quite the pair, huh, boy?

Spike responded by licking both their faces in one great slurp.

ZOEY: Hahahahaha! It feels so good!

This prompted the dog to repeat the motion, soaking the girls' faces in drool, evoking more laughter.

ZOEY: Gotta love that slobber!

DAWN: You can say that again, sister!

Spike's tongue slapped down on Dawn's bare shoulders, slurping away rapidly.

DAWN: Eee! Heeheeheeheeheehee!

ZOEY: And you love that great girly-girl flavor, don'cha, boy?

Spike agreed with Zoey, showing it by licking Dawn across her chest. Dawn looked at her friend with a grin.

DAWN: But I bet tomboys are just as tasty, huh, Spike? (Winks)

Spike took the hint and soon moved on to Zoey, smothering her in slobbery love completely.

ZOEY: Hahahahahahaha! Easy, boy, easy!

Spike soon took turns with each girl, licking at their cheeks and hands without stopping.

BOTH: Hahahahahahahahahaha! It feels so amazing!

This encouraged the dog to lift up their shirts and slurp at their midriffs.

BOTH: Whahahahahahaheeheeheeheehee!

DAWN: Oh man, that REALLY tickles!

Spike moved down to their legs, taking his time in slowly licking them from ankles to heels.

BOTH: (Clutching each other) Whee! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Biting off their shoes, Spike wasted no time licking their bare feet and all their wiggling toes. While Zoey's laughter was moderate, Dawn's was much higher in pitch as she writhed around with laughter.


Zoey, grinning devilishly, flipped around and pinned Dawn to the ground so Spike could continue. 

DAWN: Z-Zoey, no!

Spike began lickng Dawn all over her body, his drooling tongue slurping every part of it he could reach. Dawn eventually turned the tables, and now Zoey was the one pinned down!

ZOEY: Woah! Heh, nice one, Dawny!

The redhead then laughed as Spike gave her the same slobbery treatment she forced her friend to go through. Finally Spike backed off, leaving both girls laughing in a puddle of drool. They both got up to pet the giant mastiff.

DAWN: Such a great dog!

ZOEY: So awesome!

This earned both girls another slurpy cheek-kiss from the dog. Tomboy, girly-girl...he loved both types so long as they were such good friends to him!