Videl Licked
Videl walked along the hallways of the police station. With her short black hair and baggy T-shirt, the teenage martial artist could easily pass for a boy. She had been told that she was to be working with someone named Toby from now on and was thus directed toward a large room where this new partner was waiting for her.


Videl's eyes bugged out in shock as she gazed up at the enormous hound that loomed above her. Toby was smiling as he looked down at Videl, his tongue lolling out of his mouth as he panted. Videl crossed her arms and tapped her foot irritably.

VIDEL: All right, this would have been nice to know before I entered the room!

Her pouting was interrupted when Toby leaned down and pressed his large nose against her, sniffing her over curiously. Videl gave a nervous laugh and wiggled her fingers in a dorky wave.

VIDEL: Uh....hi, Toby! It's, er, nice to meet you! I'm Videl.

Then, without warning, Toby's big pink tongue came out of his mouth and slapped agaist Videl's entire body, drenching her in slobber as it licked upward, making a loud "sllllluuuuuuurrrrppp!" as it did. When he was done, Toby smiled and smacked his lips loudly before licking them for good measure. This girl tasted wonderful!

VIDEL: Heehee! Like what you're tasting there?

Toby nods vigirously.  Videl smiles and turns her head to the side as Toby's tongue comes back down and swipes across the side of her face.  The tomboy laughed, slobber dripping from cheek to chin, while Toby panted loudly.

VIDEL: So friendly! Ha ha ha!

A mischevious grin on her face, Videl flew up into the air and landed on Toby's nose.

VIDEL: Wanna practice your chasing skill with me?  Huh?  Do ya, boy?

The oversized hound nods excitedly at this idea. Videl flies off his nose.

VIDEL: Ready? Then let's go!

Videl laughs and begins flying around the room, away from Toby.

VIDEL: Come on, boy! Come and get me!

Toby ran behind Videl, panting as he chased her. Soon he was close enough to lick her right on the backside.

VIDEL: Eeek! Easy there, big boy!

Then Toby gently swatted her to the ground with one of his paws before proceeding to swipe his tongue all the way up her body.

VIDEL: Hahaha! You did it! Good boy!

Toby barked happily before soaking Videl again with another lick.

VIDEL: Heh...gotta love that taste, huh?

Nodding his head, Toby continued licking the tomboy all over.

VIDEL: Heeheehee! Take it easy, Toby!

Toby backs off, allowing Videl back to her feet.

VIDEL: Good boy!

After panting a while, Toby bent his head down, allowing Videl to pet him.

VIDEL: You did a great job today!  You'll do great at tracking and catching bad guys!  

Videl then pauses for a moment before getting a wide smirk on her face.

VIDEL: Actually, I'll probably be having you tracking and catching bad girls!  You like the sound of that?

The oversized hound nodded excitedly at that thought.  Videl flew out of the room and returned with a shred of a red dress belonging to the criminal Reina.  She held it out for Toby to sniff. Once he got it fully inhaled, he started running down a path.  Videl laughed and flew along after him.