Reina Smiling
Reina wasn't having the best of evenings, as her recent scheme has been foiled.

The sexy, green-haired member of Demon Card had bungled a heist at a wealthy estate.  In the ensuing battle with the forces of the law, Reina was sent flying off the edge of a balcony overlooking outside.  She now hung on for dear life several feet above the ground.  Sweating profusely, Reina moaned.

REINA: could it get any worse?

To answer that question, loud barking was heard.

REINA: (GASP!) What was that?

Reina looked down in horror as the oversized crime-detection hound Toby came running over to the scene. He had been given an article of Reina's clothing to sniff and had tracked her down by her scent.  Seeing Reina, Toby began panting heavily before jumping up and biting at her heels.

REINA: No! Please!  

Toby manages to bite off the hem of Reina's red dress as she struggles to avoid him.

REINA: L-Leave me alone! Scramoose!

Licking his lips after swallowing the clothes, Toby jumped up and slurped his big tongue across Reina's long legs.

REINA: Ewww! Disgusting...!

Toby jumped up and licked her legs again, the force of his tongue swiping the shoes right off her feet.

REINA: Yuuuck! Knock it off! (Kicking at him) Shoo! Now! Leave!

This only makes Toby start to lick the soles of her bare feet, enjoying their tastiness.

REINA: Eeek! (Recoils) That tickles!

Toby keeps slurping away at her feet, making her laugh to the point of hysterics.

REINA: Hahahahahahahaha! No, stop! Please, leave me alone!

Being tickled so much made Reina lose her grip.  She fell off from the balcony and landed right on Toby's tongue, sliding off it onto the ground, leaving a trail of wet slobber running down her entire backside.

REINA: Pfft! Disgusting!

The minute she turned around, Toby's tongue smothered her and slobbered all over her emerald frontside.

REINA: Get out of here! Haven't you violated me enough?!

Reina was a bad girl, so the answer was no! And therefore, Toby slurped her over once again.

REINA: Eeek! Please, spare me! I beg you!

Toby shook his head, then licked her so hard that her dress lifted up to expose her midriff, which he began licking.

REINA: Stop! I can't stand it! Eeeheeheehee!

Finally Toby stopped and started panting, breathing warm breath on Reina.

REINA: It's about time you knocked that off! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking a bath!

Suddenly, handcuffs clamp down on Reina's wrists...placed there by Videl!

VIDEL: Not so fast, Reina! You're coming with me!

REINA: Grrrr! Videl! I should've known you convinced this oversized fleabag to track me down!

VIDEL: Oh, he didn't need much convincing.  You just smell so good, after all!

REINA: Um, thanks, I guess?

Toby then licks Reina right across the face happily.

REINA: Bleeeech! Knock that off!

VIDEL: Get used to it, Reina!  You're being sentenced to his kennel from now on!

REINA: Oh, you've got to be kidding me!

Toby then leaned over and gave Reina a huge lick all the way up her petite body, causing her to shiver in disgust.

REINA: Uhuhuhuhuhuh...gross...

VIDEL: Oh don't worry, you get used to it after a bit.

REINA: How could you get used to something revolting as slobber!?

To demonstrate, Toby once again gave Reina a massive lick.

REINA: Well, alright...I guess I could see how...