Ino Cheek
Sakura Haruno walked into the kennel one day, a cheeky grin on her face.

SAKURA: I'd like to see Toby, please!  I got a little something for him!

The pink-haired kunoichi was permitted access into Toby's room.

SAKURA: Toby! (Whistles) It's me, boy! Sakura!

The overexcited, oversized dog came bounding up to her and affectionately gave her a warm lick.  Sakura laughed and patted the side of Toby's large head.

SAKURA: It's great to see you again too!  Now look here...

Sakura pulled out a shred of purple clothing.  It belonged to Ino Yamanaka, a tomboyish kunoichi who was both Sakura's arch rival and her best friend.  Sakura had cut off this piece of her outfit in a battle earlier, and she had figured out exactly what to do with it!  Grinning, she waved it in front of Toby's nose playfully.

SAKURA: Why don't you find this scent and have some fun with it's owner?  What'dya say, boy?

Toby thinks of this as a wonderful idea, so he nods his head excitedly before sniffing over the clothing.

SAKURA: Does she smell good?  I bet she tastes even better!


Toby then sprints out the door, determined to find this mysterious person.  Ino was practicing ninjitsu in an outdoor field when she felt the ground shake beneath her, and then heard loud barking coming her way.

INO: Wh-what the Hell!? 

Her mouth went wide as she stared at the larger than normal Basset Hound running straight towards her.

INO: YIKES! (Falls to the ground)

She found herself right underneath him now, as his tongue came straight down at her. Her entire body was soaked in dog slobber, her skin's taste absorbed by Toby's salivating tongue.

INO: WOW. Ahahahahahahahaha!

Sakura hid behind the trees when she caught up, waiting for the right moment.

INO: Wh-where did you come from, big fella?'

SAKURA: (Coming out) He's with me, Ino!


Toby then gave Ino another big friendly lick.

SAKURA: Yep! I snuck a piece off your uniform, and gave Toby here your scent!

INO: Heh! You sneaky billboard brow! (To Toby) Do I smell good?

Toby answers this with swift nodding and another giant lick.

INO: Pahahahahahahahaha!  G-glad to hear it, hehehehe!

Toby really enjoyed this new girl's taste!  He began licking her even more, making both her and Sakura laugh.

INO: S-Sakurahahahahahaha!  Help me up!

SAKURA: Coming, Ino!

Just then, Ino pulled Sakura to the ground, so that Toby could get her as well.

SAKURA: Yaaaaaah!


Toby soon had his tongue covering both girls in dog drool, making them both laugh uproariously.


Toby soon stopped to smack and lick his lips, allowing both girls to get a breather.

SAKURA: I guess two kunoichi are better than one for Toby!

INO: You think so?

SAKURA: Yeah!  That settles it, from now on you're gonna be visiting the kennel too!

INO: Says who?

SAKURA: (Grinning) Says him!

Toby licks Ino with enough force to lift her slighly into the air before she plops back to the ground.

INO: Hahaha! Well, this slobber does do wonders for the skin, so alright! I'll do it!

Sakura and Ino high-five, while Toby licks both girls again.