Toby is lounging around in his large, spacious kennel room one day when two human scents enter his giant nose. One of them is a familiar smell: the scent of Videl, while the other one Toby has never smelled before. But either way, this still got Toby excited to meet a new girl. The law-enforcing teenage tomboy enters the room, leading another girl along by the shoulders, a pretty brunette in a slip of a black dress and with hands locked in handcuffs.

GREEN: Oh wow!  H-he really is a big one! Is he friendly?

VIDEL: (Smirking) What did I tell you? And about his friendliness...oh, you'll see.  (to Toby) Hey there, boy!  I caught a new naughty girl!  Her name's Green, check her out! I think you might like her!

Toby loved this gorgeous new prisoner on sight and pressed his nose against her, sniffing her over.

GREEN: Ahahaha!  Wh-what are you doing with me?

VIDEL: Oh, that's his way of meeting new people. Especially new girls like you!

Videl uncuffs Green's hands and walks out the door, talking over her shoulder as she does.

VIDEL: Toby loves theives like you, Green!  So I'm gonna leave it to him to dispense some justice, heh heh heh!

GREEN: Wait, what?! What do you mean by that!?

VIDEL: Oh, nothing much...

The door slams behind Videl, leaving Green stuck with the oversized hound, who pants loudly.

GREEN: (Smiling nervously and waving) Uh, h-hi there!

Toby swings his tongue down and licks Green's whole body in one big slurp. At first, she looked a little grossed out, but all it took was a few seconds before she started laughing like no tomorrow.

GREEN: Hahahahahahahahaha!  Oh geez, that is some tongue!

Toby licked and smacked his lips because of this bad girl's tastiness.  He could tell that she wasn't even really bad, just misguided and in need of more love....and Toby was more than happy to provide it, so he licked her again, with Green slowly warming up to Toby.

GREEN: Heeheehahahahaha! You love dishing out kisses, huh?

Nodding his head vigirously, Toby prepares to give the girl another lick, but Green jumps out of the way and begins running away.  She giggles and grins playfully as she runs, hoping the dog would chase after her. Luckily, Toby took the hint, and was almost caught up to her, his footsteps shaking the ground and knocking the girl down.

GREEN: WAH! (Hand behind head) Hee hee! Guess you win!

Toby smacked his tongue down on Green and lifted her up in the air as he licked her.

GREEN: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Thanks for the love, boy! I really appreciate it alot!

Smiling happily, Toby licked Green across her think legs, which tickled her immensely. And finally, Green had completely fallen in love with Toby!

GREEN: Hahahahahahaha! I love you too, big fella! (Winks and blows a kiss) Your such a good boy! Yesyouare!

TOBY: Woof woof!

The big dog gave Green another big slurping lick, soaking her completely.

GREEN: Heeheeheehahahahahahahahaha!

Green plopped to the ground, flat on her back, allowing Toby to lick her even more, drenching her in unbelievable amounts of dog slobber!  Videl laughed at the sight when she re-entered the room.

VIDEL: Having a good time, you two?

GREEN: Very much, thank you for asking!

VIDEL: Well, now that that's out of the way, you wanna join up with our law force?  We'd be glad to have you!

GREEN: I'd be glad to help!

TOBY: Woof!

Toby leans down and licks both girls happily.

VIDEL: Hahahahaha! Oh, Toby!

GREEN: I see why you love him! He's so much fun! Heeheehee!

Videl puts a friendly arm around Green's shoulder.

VIDEL: Well, you'll be seeing alot more of him from now on!

GREEN: I'd really love that!  And I'm sure he would too!  Wouldn't ya, boy? (Winks)

The large Bassett Hound replies by licking her again, making Green hold her stomach as she laughs loud and hard.

GREEN: I'll take that as a yes! You and I are gonna get along perfectly!

Toby then once again gives each girl a big, slurping lick, leaving both of them slobbered on and laughing.

GIRLS: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!