Toby was happy as usual when Videl entered his room at the kennel with a new case. However, the person Videl asked the giant basset hound to track down had committed no crime. Videl just wanted to mess with her!

VIDEL: I've got a special kinda scoundrel for you to find today, Toby: A valedictorian! I know you'll love her!

Toby was excited of just the thought alone. And so, the tomboy pulled out a stocking and playfully waved it in front of Toby's large nose so that he could pick up the scent of its wearer.

VIDEL: Her name's Giselle, a straight-A student at Pokemon Tech. And she's famous for how pretty she is. And I mean really pretty!

Videl gave the loudest wolf-whistle possible to emphasize her point. This got the big dog all the more excited, and he panted heavily before rapidly sniffing over the stocking, catching the valedictorian's scent on it and then running off to track her down.

VIDEL: Go get her, boy! C'mon!

Giselle was casually swinging on a swing set in a parking lot when she felt the earth tremors beneath her. This got her into a bit of a scare, and caused her to fall of the swing.

GISELLE: Oof! Wha-what is this, an earthquake? How could that be...? (Gasp!)

The teen beauty stood up and gaped in wide-eyed astonishment as Toby lumbered toward her.

GISELLE: Oh my! How large you are!

The dog smiled as he slurped her entire body, which was fairly small compared to his size.


The girl looked down in horror and disgust at her uniform, which was soaked and dripping with dog slobber. In the meantime, the valedictorian's irresistible taste filled Toby's mouth. He just HAD to have more! Swinging his tongue down on Giselle, he licked her body again, this time taking it more slow. Mmmmm...she was so hot that even her skin was warm on Toby's tongue!

GISELLE: Eeeyuck! This is so icky and gross! And why must this be on my school outfit!?

Toby smacked his lips loudly, licking them for good measure. He truly loved this divine flavor! Giselle couldn't help but smirk.

GISELLE: Can't say I blame you, though! I'm the top student in my class. It's sad that others aren't blessed with my beauty, my talent, my humble attitude. People call me a star, but I'm just Giselle!

With this speech, Giselle struck a sexy pose. This made Toby pant ecstatically.

GISELLE: Thank you, thank you! (gives a bow and then winks). So, what do you think?

This just made Toby want to taste her even more, and his next lick slapped against her so hard that she was swept off her feet, dripping in drool! Giselle plopped to the ground and giggled.

GISELLE: OK, OK, take it easy, boy! Easy! 

Toby understood and gave her slow, gentle, slobbery kisses, which made her laugh even more as she felt the giant wet pink towel slide up her heated skin repeatedly.

GISELLE: Eep! Hahahahahahahaha! Cut that out!

Giselle put a hand to her cheek and smiled at Toby, prompting the giant hound to press his enormous nose against her and start sniffing her over up close and personal, causing her to giggle up a storm.

GISELLE: Heeheeheeheehee! Good dog!  

The gorgeous valedictorian's sweet scent filled Toby's nostrils. This, in turn, filled him with sheer glee. At once he began panting before slurping Giselle over and over again without pause, turning the pretty honor student into a sopping wet, giggly mess.

GISELLE: Ohohohohohohohoho! Oh wow!! Hee!

Toby kept up for quite a while until he heard a whistle.  It was Videl, smiling and laughing.

VIDEL: OK, that's enough, Toby! Take a break!

The giant dog did as he was told. Giselle wiped herself the best she could and grinned.

GISELLE: I take it you're behind this little encounter, Videl?

VIDEL: Guilty as charged! Heheh! So, how'd ya like it?

GISELLE: was in equal parts disgusting and delightful. Mostly delightful, though. Hee hee!

This earned her another cheek lick from Toby. She clasped her cheek and laughed, as did Videl.

VIDEL: Looks like Toby really has a thing for you!

GISELLE: Well, can you blame him? I am hot stuff!

Giselle put a hand behind her head and winked as she struck a pose. Videl chuckled and gave a wolf-whistle. This got Toby panting up a storm. Giselle smirked as she fanned herself while Toby's dog breath blew on her. She was giggling playfully from this action.

GISELLE: (teasingly) Take some mouthwash in the future, boy! Heheheh!

Toby barked and then slurped Giselle's whole sexy body once more.