Euphie Licked
Euphemia, the beautiful teenage Princess of Britannia, had heard of an enormous basset hound named Toby, who was responsible for helping solve many crimes. Fascinated by this, Euphie had become determined to see this dog for herself. When she found out that he was kept at a certain kennel, the plucky Princess wasted no time going there on her own.

EUPHIE: Excuse me, may I please see Toby?

After politely inquiring this at the front desk, Euphie is led to the giant hound's room. She glances all around, but can't see any sign of him.

EUPHIE: Perhaps he's out helping solve a crime, or...

Suddenly, an enormous pink tongue came out of the curtains behind Euphie and swept upward across her bare-skinned back, making her jump at this wet sensation.


Turning around, the pink-haired girl stared, mouth agape, as Toby emerged from behind the curtains, smiling and panting at her. Euphie smiled back in delight and held out a graceful hand.

EUPHIE: Hello, Toby! Nice to meet you!

The Princess extended her hand upward for Toby to sniff. Toby did so and liked what he smelled! He stuck his tongue out and slurped it across Euphie's arm, soaking it. Euphie broke out in laughter.

EUPHIE: I'm glad I'm to your liking! Good boy! Would you like a treat?

Toby panted happily at this idea. Euphie reached into her skirt pocket and pulled out a large candy, holding it out to the dog, who licked it off her hand and promptly gulped it down.

EUPHIE: Hee! Is it sweet?

She was answered with a huge lick, drenching her from head to toe. Euphemia actually tasted sweeter than the candy to Toby!

EUPHIE: Hahahahahahaha! Oh my!

Toby licked his lips as he smiled down at the Princess, who in turn smiled back at him.

EUPHIE: Such a wonderful dog! Yesyouare!

This earns her another lick, the giant tongue pressing against her body and soaking her fancy dress, pink hair, and pale, lush skin in wet slobber.

EUPHIE: Hahahahahahaheeheeheeheeheehee! So friendly!

The Princess giggled as she ran a hand through her sopping wet hair.

EUPHIE: Wow, you certainly are a slobbery one, aren't you, boy?

The response to this, of course, was even more slobber for Euphemia!

EUPHIE: Heeheehahahahahahaha! I suppose that answers my question!

Euphie's skin was among the sweetest he'd ever tasted! He promptly gave her face another big lick, the skin on her cheek lifting upward as he did.

EUPHIE: (Touching her cheek) Hahahahahahaha! It feels so good!

In response, Toby does it again, the other cheek getting drenched this time.

EUPHIE: Heeheeheeheeheehee!  OK, Toby! I love you too!

After leaving, Euphie signed on to the kennel permanately. This place was definitely worth revisiting!