Chel 6
Chel is running in a panic, completely in fear. She and her partners in crime, Miguel and Tulio, have been busted for stealing. Now Basil of Baker Street and his sidekick Dawson are pursuing the two men, while their giant hound Toby was instructed to chase the scantily-clad girl down. And so Chel runs, with Toby hot on her heels! Chel was frantic as she ran, hearing the loud barking and panting of the giant dog behind her.

CHEL: Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap, crap!

Finally, the saucy latina finds a large rock to hide behind.  She presses her back against the cold stone, her eyes wide and sweat trickling down her forehead, and stays perfectly still, hoping to avoid detection. However, this proved ineffective as Toby immediately smelled her out and cornered her.


Toby's enormous tongue swooped down and slurped Chel's whole curvaceous body, leaving her completely soaked! Chel closed her eyes and crinkled her nose as she wrung her hands in the air out of disgust.

CHEL: Eeeeeeeeeuuuuuugh!

Toby, after smacking his lips, decided to get some more sweet taste, his tongue pressing against Chel's cheek. Chel's eye shut as her cheek was lifted up by Toby's tongue, and her mouth twisted into a wry grin, liking the dog all of the sudden.

CHEL: Eheheheheheheh....I guess I am a pretty good catch, huh?

Toby nodded before keeping up his affectionate kisses. Chel tried to push his tongue away with her hands. However, it just started swiping against her hands, drenching them in more slobber.

CHEL: Hey, cut it out!  I'm wearing hardly any clothing, you know! It tickles!

But the large Bassett Hound could hardly get enough of her taste, and Chel's remark just made him more eager to keep at it! His tongue picked up the pace of his licking, making Chel shake with laughter.

CHEL: N-nohohohohohohoooooo! Stohohohohohohop!

Toby kept this up and Chel was soaked in no time, lying flat on the ground and kicking her long, tan legs in the air, which gave Toby the opportunity to slurp them up!

CHEL: Hahahahahahaha! Weeheeheeheeheehee!

Toby licked all over her kicking legs and her bare feet, tickling her mercilessly.

CHEL: Hahahahahahahaha! Knock it off!

The dog's giant tongue moved up to her exposed midriff and Toby took his time slurping her there. Tears formed in Chel's eyes as she continued to laugh.

CHEL: Heeheeheeheehee! Heel, boy!  Heeeheeeheeeheeeeeel! Heel!

Toby stops and stands panting over the sexy girl as she catches her breath.

CHEL: That was...quite the experience! That actually felt pretty good!

Toby's tongue then presses down against her cheek and gives it another big, wet lick.

CHEL: Ha ha! Man, that's wet!

Chel touched her cheek and then looked up at Toby with fondness.

CHEL: I think I liked it!  I'd be glad to do it s'more, so take me to get locked up in the kennel, boy!

At this idea, Toby then began panting intensely and gave her a round of big, friendly, and slobber licks.


Toby gently picked her up with his teeth, threw her onto his back, and brought her to the kennel, where she signed up with no regrets. There was alot more dog slobber in Chel's future, that was for sure!