Videl walks into Toby's kennel room, grinning widely. She then cupped her hand around her mouth and shouted.

VIDEL: Hey, Toby, guess what? I've got a special deal for you today: two bad babes for the price of one! Does that sound good to you, boy?

Toby then bounded right over to Videl, as he was overly excited at this fun idea and he nodded vigorously, panting loudly as his tongue lolled out. Videl threw several articles of clothing at the dog's giant feet, demanding he sniff them.

VIDEL: These were worn by super-thieves Annie and Oakley. Get the scent and sniff 'em out!

After taking in the scent, he ran down a path, desperate to find this naughty pair. Annie and Oakley were in a park, planning their next heist when they felt the ground start to tremble.

ANNIE: Um....are earthquakes common in these parts?

OAKLEY: Of course not! So what...?

Then the two girls shrieked as they saw Toby headed their way. They started breathlessly running away as fast as their long legs could carry them. Unfortunately for them, the giant dog eventually caught up to them in no time flat.

ANNIE: Waaaaaaaaah!

Annie trips and stumbles, falling to the ground.

OAKLEY: (Reaching her hand out) Grab my hand!

The blonde does so, but then Toby's enormous wet tongue comes flying right at her, soaking her to the bone!


OAKLEY: Aw, well! Better Annie than me! *giggles*

Ironically, the moment she finishes saying this, Toby's tongue strikes her too, slurping her up completely!


ANNIE: How does that feel, Oakley?

OAKLEY: Why you little-

Toby swung his tongue down again, this time catching both thieves and giving them one big lick across their bodies, grossing them both out entirely.

OAKLEY: What did we do to deserve this?

ANNIE: Well, we are thieves.

OAKLEY: It was a rhetorical question! Shut up!

Toby enjoyed the taste of these bad girls so much that he decided to have more!


The two teens began running again. However, they were so wet they slipped on the slobber that dripped off of them. Toby caught up to them and gave them both another smothering kiss, smacking and licking his lips afterward.


Toby then ran his tongue across the girls' shoulders and down their midriffs, drenching them both in drool.

ANNIE: Eheheheh...actually, it's not so bad once you get used to it, really!

OAKLEY: Heeheeheehee! I guess you got a point! That actually felt kind of good!

Toby licked them again, lifting them up in the air slightly with his enormous wet tongue.

BOTH: Heeheeheeheehee! Take it easy, big fella!

This just made Toby lick them even harder, lifting them even higher into the air.

BOTH: Weeheeheeheeheehahahahahahahahaha! That tickles so much!

Soon both girls found themselves flattened by the tongue as it slided and slurped all over their wiggling bodies.

BOTH: Whahahahahahahahahahaheeheeheeheeheehee! We can't breathe!

A whistle was then heard, and Videl flies onto the scene.

VIDEL: Heel, Toby! Heel, boy!

Toby obeys and backs off, allowing the soaked thieves to catch their breath.

ANNIE: So, you're the one who made this thing find us?

VIDEL: Uh-huh! And now that you're incapacitated, I'm placing you under arrest.

OAKLEY: Aw, shoot!

ANNIE: Busted...

Toby gave each girl a sloppy kiss, drenching them all equally. Annie and Oakley laugh, even as Videl cuffs them, and signs them up for the kennel against their will.

VIDEL: If they enjoyed this, they're gonna love the rest of their prison sentence! Heh!

She walks out of the cell where our two caught criminals will be held and offers Toby a high five.

VIDEL: Good work, boy!

Toby kisses her hand sloppier than ever thought possible, making Videl double over with laughter.

VIDEL: Hahahahahahahahahaha!

ANNIE & OAKLEY: Hey, Toby, you think we could get some?

Toby was more than happy to! So, he then gave both girls gargantuan licks all the way up their bodies, soaking them completely.