One day, Toby was visited in his kennel by a very well-dressed, auburn-haired teenage girl named Cissnei, who was a member of Shinra Inc.'s Turks division. She had a mission to track where the last surviving Cetra, Aerith Gainsborough, had gone to, and upon hearing about Toby and his famous nose, decided to enlist his services for the job.

CISSNEI: Hello, Toby! I'm Cissnei.

Cissnei was immediately answered with a SSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUURP! as Toby licked her from her feet to her forehead, making her laugh as she clasped a hand to her wet cheek and blushed a little.

CISSNEI: sure know how to greet a girl. And it just so happens that I've got another girl for you to greet!

The young Turk laid out a white dress hem in front of Toby and gestured at it. Toby pressed his nose against it and began sniffing, a smile on his canine face widening as he took in the flowery human scent of its wearer.

CISSNEI: Smell nice? Her name is Aerith, and she smells even nicer in person! So go on, boy! Get that scent down and go find her! Sniff out the Cetra! You can do it!

Excited, Toby dashed off in search of Aerith. She wasn't hard to find, as her scent was incredibly strong and led the giant hound directly to her location: an old church garden in the slums. Needless to say, Aerith was quite surprised to see him arrive on the scene, gasping lightly in reaction.

AERITH: Oh! Incredible!

Toby stopped just in front of the beautiful flower girl, then started sniffing her white dress, her bare shoulders and neck, and her long braided hair. He then started panting excitedly. Aerith stared in amazement, her initial shock and concern gave way to relief when she noticed that the great basset was not showing any signs of aggression. She petted his huge flopping ear calmly.

AERITH: You're one enormous dog! seem very friendly too.

And this prompted Toby to show just how friendly he was by slamming his tongue against Aerith and slowly dragging it up the side of her body. Aerith's face scrunched up in surprise and mild disgust as the huge, wet tongue pushed the skin on her warm, delicate cheek upward.

AERITH: Oh..hahahaha..It's..nice to meet you, too!

Aerith touched her saliva-slicked cheek gently while looking at the panting dog with an odd smile before looking down and noticing a trail of wet drool along her left side.

AERITH: some on my dress!

This caused her to giggle, and this in turn caused Toby to give her another lick. Toby slid his tongue up the side of Aerith's dress continuing through her left cheek, where he repeated the licking motion several times.

AERITH: Ahahahahaha! Eheheheheheeasy, boy!

Toby then stretched his tongue to center of Aerith's pretty face, enveloping it with a wet lick that left a trail saliva in its path. He then leaned back down to slowly lick her skirt, bodice, and face, covering Aerith's pretty dress with drool. At this point, Cissnei finally entered the church and laughed when she saw the condition Aerith was in.

CISSNEI: Wow, it's even funnier than I pictured it being!

Aerith struggled to react as Toby feverishly licked her hips, side, neck, and face, raining slobber onto her that rolled down her face and arms.

AERITH: Ahahahah...Cissnei? You-hoohoohoo..sent him?

CISSNEI: Uh-huh! Shouldn't have tried to ditch my surveilence, Aerith...I found a surefire way of finding you: Toby and his great big nose!

TOBY: Woof!

Toby started sniffing over Aerith's tall figure upon Cissnei mentioning his big nose. Aerith giggled lightly and petted his large head. Toby panted happily for a moment then slowly rolled his tongue onto her frontside and loudly slurped as his tongue slid up through her face and a wave of drool splashed onto her skirt. 

AERITH: PaHAhahahahahahahaaa! Gohohohoood dog, Toby!

CISSNEI: (nodding as she looks over the drenched Aerith somewhat perversely) Very good dog!

Aerith looked over at Cissnei, wondering what she was so fascinated about, then reached out to pet Toby's huge head. Toby smiled and panted, then thanked the pretty flower girl by moving his long tongue up and down the front of her dress, then slowly licked the center of her face. Aerith then held a finger up, asking Toby to pause for a few short seconds. Aerith then stepped over to Cissnei's location and winked at Toby.

CISSNEI: Um, Aerith, what are you-?

Without warning, Aerith gave Cissnei a light shove straight toward Toby. Toby smothered Cissnei's pretty, confused face with his huge tongue and slid it up through her forehead with a loud Sl--LLUURPP!

CISSNEI: Ahahahahahah...turning the tables, are we, Aerith? Well played!

Aerith nodded her head in response, flashing Cissnei a wink. Toby quickly treated Cissnei to more dog-kisses, rolling his tongue up and down the center of her face, then moving to her right cheek, pushing the skin up with a hard, heavy lick. Cissnei laughed through it all, as did Aerith as she gradually approached the other girl until Toby had a clear shot at both of them...and the great dog knew that the blended taste of Aerith in her dress and Cissnei in her suit would be divine! With a wave of drool rolling down his huge tongue, Toby landed the licker upon Aerith's left side and Cissnei's right side, slurping at legs for a quick second, moving up to their midsections where his tongue licked both Cissnei's blazer and Aerith's bodice at one, and finally finishing with a wide motion to lick Aerith's left cheek and Cissnei's right cheek at once. After smacking his massive lips of the combined tastes, he repeated the motion, licking both ladies together another time.

AERITH: Eeeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeee!

CISSNEI: Oh wohohohohohohoooooooow! This is really something else! Hahaha!

Toby sat panting for a few seconds while the girls caught their breaths, he then laid his tongue on Cissnei's legs and with a big SLLUURRP! rolled his tongue up through her tight skirt, white shirt, and on up her neck and through her pretty face. He then turned to Aerith and splatted his huge wet tongue upon her ankles, then licked her whole dress from the skirt on up, slowly doggy-kissing her face before retracting. Finally, he licked their adjacent sides one more time before resting on the sidewalk.

Aerith and Cissnei were laughing so loudly and hard at this point that they occasionally had to take gasps for air. Tears formed in their eyes as they continued to laugh while leaning against each other's svelte, sexy bodies. Toby leaned in to lick the happy, salty tears off their faces, while both ladies eventually reached out and petted Toby.