Melody was swimming underwater, holding her breath for an admirably long time until she at last surfaced in a small moat outside the wall of her family's castle. The ponytailed, tomboyish Princess smiled...until she heard a loud sound in the distance. The sound of barking.

"W-what was that!?"

This made her jump a little, and made her let out a soft gasp was elicited from Melody and a worried look crossed her face as she ducked back down underwater, leaving her eyes above the surface to see. She saw Max, a giant sheepdog, bounding across the lawn. He pressed his nose against the ground and began taking in deep sniffs. He sniffed his way out of Melody's line of vision, and the girl decided now was the time to act.

"Oh no, I think it's Max! I better run quick before he slobbers me to no end."

Climbing out of the water hastily, Melody's bare feet ran a midst the grass as she darted across the lawn as quickly as possible. The little tomboy reached the wall and pressed her back against it. She kept perfectly still and tried to keep an ear out for Max, hoping his loud barking and panting would alert her to when he was near so that she could run again. Said sheepdog, meanwhile, had made his way to the moat that Melody had been floating in.

Max could smell Melody's scent in the moat and around it; she had been there, and recently too. Max's head jerked up and he looked around, then turned and put his nose to the ground again. He began sniffing, rapidly shuffling across the ground as he headed towards the wall that Melody was hiding behind. Melody couldn't hear him barking, and silently pumped a fist as she thought that she had eluded Max. She turned and put her hands on the top of the wall, pulling herself up to make a run back to the castle, only to come face to face with a big black nose. 

Melody had enough time to widen her eyes before Max plastered his thick pink tongue across the width of her face, dragging it slowly across before the tongue slurped off of the girl's face in a spray of drool. Melody lost her grip on the wall and fell back down, landing on her feet and having enough time to look up at Max before she found the tongue pasted to her whole face again, this time the product of Max dropping down directly on top of her. Melody grunted beneath Max's tongue as she landed on the ground on her back, Max slurping his tongue off of her face to grin at her, his giant tongue lolling happily as he panted down into her face. Melody couldn't help but giggle.

"Hehe, looks like you found me, Max!"

Ever since she was first told the story of how Max met her mother Ariel by smelling her out when she was hiding, Melody had made these scent-based hide and seek games with Max a tradition. She enjoyed them as much as the sheepdog did, who showed his affection for the spunky young girl by giving her face another big lick. His tongue slid up Melody's mouth, nose, forehead and bangs, leaving them all dripping with dog slobber. Melody didn't mind at all, and laughed as she reached to playfully scratch Max behind the ears.

"Hahaha! Actually, I don't think your slobbers bad at all! You can lick me some more if you want, just don't go overboard with it."

Max's fluffy tail started wagging as he heard this and felt Melody scratch his ears. It felt great! Better than any other kind of petting he'd gotten before. In gratitude he swung his big tongue and slapped it onto her face, lifting her cheek up again as his tongue dragged up it. The tongue came again, and again, and again as Melody giggled and continued to scratch his ears, Max's tail wagging furiously as his tongue lifted Melody's cheeks up again and again, pasting itself against her face and licking her from chin to hairline over and over, tilting her head back with each lick as he slapped his tongue down on her throat and dragged it up to the tip of her chin. Melody kicked and struggled playfully, her giggles drowning out Max's panting as he dragged his tongue all around her face like she was an ice cream cone.

The dog then pulled away, giving the girl time to breathe.  Melody's eyes widened as she soon saw Max shuffle on down toward her feet, his panting tongue dangerously close to her bare soles. "Max, no!" Melody cried halfheartedly, before the dog slapped his tongue against one of Melody's soles and dragged it all the way up to her wiggling toes.  Melody threw back her head and laughed, laughter which got even louder as she felt Max lick her other sole and toes.  Then it was back and forth, back and forth between the two feet, making Melody's whole body quake with laughter as she slapped the ground. 

Eventually Melody's feet were dripping with drool and Max returned to her face, his big wet tongue lifting her cheeks up repeatedly as he licked them. Max's bushy tail wagged energetically as his tongue slathered Melody's cheeks again and again, Melody kicking and giggling as Max licked her face. Finally, Max backed away from Melody, allowing her to get up. Wiping her cheeks with her hands, Melody giggled a bit more, then started to run back to the castle. "C'mon, Max! See if you can beat me to my room!" Max barked in acceptance of the challenge, and began to run after Melody.

"Hehehe! You can't catch me!"

Max was up to the challenge, and then ran even faster, right on Melody's tail.

"Woah! A little competitive, I see?"

Correct. And as soon as Melody made it to her room and landed on her bed, Max followed a couple seconds later, and landed right on top of Melody.

"Ooooh man, here it comes!"

Max, panting heavily, lifted his head and unleashed a ton of licks upon Melody's pretty pre-teen face, covering it all in his wet love.

"Hehahahahahahahahahahaha! This feels so fun! Good dog!"