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Spike is walking around a suburban neighborhood, sniffing the ground in search of interesting scents. He pauses when he smells one that smells human and yet not quite human at the same time. Interested, the mastiff continues sniffing until he locates the source. It's a short-statured black-haired teenage girl sitting on a front stoop, fast asleep. This is Rukia Kuchiki, a former Soul Reaper. Curious, Spike walks up to her and begins sniffing her. Slowly, the girl's eyes flutter open.

RUKIA: WAH! Wh-where'd you come from?

Spike was panting and wagging his tail, as he liked this pretty girl, he pounced on her and started to lick her face.  Rukia couldn't help but laugh in total surprise as she patted the dog's head.

RUKIA: Ahahahahahaha!  Easy, boy!  Easy now!

Spike really enjoyed this girl's one of a kind taste, he couldn't get enough of it!  He continued licking her face rapidly.

RUKIA: Heeheeheeheheheheh! C-cut it out! 

Spike was really having a great time with Rukia!  Finally, the girl managed to push him away and wipe her face.

RUKIA: Heh! That's alot of slobber! Some tongue you have there...(Reading his tag) Spike.

SPIKE: Woof! Woof!

RUKIA: I take it you like me a lot?  

Spike nods his head vigirously, making Rukia chuckle.

RUKIA: You wanna play fetch with me, boy?

This got Spike overly excited, as he panted and nodded with sheer excitement.  Rukia found a ball and threw it.

RUKIA: All right, boy! Go long!

As soon as she threw the ball, Spike dashed after it, aiming to catch it.  He brought it back and handed it to Rukia, who immediately squeaked and dropped it.  It was soaking wet! 

RUKIA: Darn it, Spike!  Is there any game we can play that your slobbering won't get in the way of?

That was when it hit her: the little game of Spike's affection they were playing not so long ago!

RUKIA: OK, let's try the tickle game!  See how long you can tickle me with that tongue of your's before I give in!

Spike loved this idea so much, that he pounced on her right away and started his part of the game.  Soon Rukia was soaked and barely able to hold in her laughter!

RUKIA: Bahahahahahaha! You-you don't waste any time, huh? Hahaha! That's what I like about you!

After lifting her shirt up gently with his teeth, Spike started to rapidly lick Rukia's midriff.

RUKIA: Eek! Heeheeheeheeheehahahahahaha! Oh, Spike!

Next it's down Rukia's legs, leaving trails of wet slobber across them.

RUKIA: (Slightly kicking) Heeheehahahahahahahahaha! It tickles so much!  I give, I GIVE!

Spike smiled triumphantly, knowing he had won the game, and let Rukia get to her feet.

RUKIA: It was a good game, boy! Nice job! (Raises her hand for a high-five)

Spike gives her hand a sloppy kiss, soaking it completely!

RUKIA: Hahahaha! Oh Spike! You know how to treat a girl alright!