Orihime Inoue skips along happily in a large open field. The cheerful and energetic redheaded teenager was fond of athletic activity, and this area was the perfect place for it!  However, she doesn't realize that she isn't alone.  Far off in another corner of the field, Spike the mastiff is playing while his master Sinbad dozes off nearby in a hammock stretched out between the woodland trees.

Spike suddenly gets a whiff of Orihime as her scent drifts through the air. Excited by how good it smells, Spike begins running to where she is, barking.


Orihime stumbles back a little in surprise. Spike soon skids to a stop, only to accidentally crash into the girl, knocking her to the ground.  Orihime gives a sharp cry as she hits the ground, then looks up at Spike curiously.

ORIHIME: H-hello! (Waves)

Spike panted happily down at this pretty girl, and shows his affection any normal dog would: with dog kisses!

ORIHIME: Oh! Aheeheeheeheeheehahahahahahaha! Aw, you're a nice doggie! Yesyouare! (Ruffling Spike's fur)

To thank her for the fur ruffling, Spike gives Orihime a big slurping lick from her chin to her forehead.

ORIHIME: Ha ha! You're an overly affectionate one, huh?

Spike nodded his head, slobber flying from his lolling tongue as he did and splattering all over Orihime.

ORIHIME: (Wiping off the slobber) Blech! A little slobbery, but extremely lovable!

This made Spike so happy that he licked Orihime square on the lips.

ORIHIME: Ha ha ha! I love you too, boy!  Good dog!  Good...(Reads collar tag) Spike!

Spike nuzzled his head against Orihime, panting and breathing hot breath into her face.

ORIHIME: (Teasingly) Somebody needs to give you Listerine!

After panting some more, Spike bites down and tears open the top edges of Orihime's shirt, exposing her bare shoulders, which he proceeds to lick all over.

ORIHIME: Do I taste good, Spike? Hahahaha!

Spike nodded his head and licked his lips at the quirky girl before lifting her shirt up and licking her midriff area.

ORIHIME: Heehee! Take it easy, boy! I'm ticklish!

But this didn't stop Spike at all, and his licking got even slower and more slobbery.

ORIHIME: Hahahahahahaha! OK, OK! Take it easy, Spike!

Spike runs around Orihime and then sniffs at her legs before drenching them in licks.

ORIHIME: Eek! Heeheeheeheehee! Heel, boy!

The big dog then bites Orihime's shoes off and starts licking her bare soles.

ORIHIME: Hahahahahahaheeheehee! Those are ticklish the most!

Glad to hear this, Spike kept it up.

ORIHIME: Heeheeheehahahahahahaha! Oh, Spike! (Wiggles her toes)

Spike gave each and every wiggling toe a big slurp.

ORIHIME: Wheeheeheeheeheehahahahahahahahaha!

After licking her a few more times, Spike stops to give her a breather.

ORIHIME: (Scratching his ears) Good boy, Spike!  Such a good, playful, slobbery boy!

The drooling mastiff smiled at this girl as his tail wagged before giving a loud, happy bark, prompting her to giggle and clap her hands together in delight.

ORIHIME: Spike, you're a funny dog!

Spike pants as Orihime scratches his ears some more before he gives her whole face a big slurping lick.

ORIHIME: Hahahaha! I love you too, boy!