Spike Lick
Marina, the beautiful young Greecian ambassador, was kicking and screaming as Sinbad the pirate carried her over his shoulders on the deck of his ship. He had caught her stowing away and the two had worked out a deal so that she could stay...but not first class. And so he took the struggling woman toward the ship's storeroom, which was cramped and filled to the brim with cargo.

SINBAD: As you can see, we're well equipped to accomodate the most discerning of royal taste.  Excellent ocean views!  Luxiorious living quarters!  

And with that remark, Sinbad threw Marina into the room.

SINBAD: With three gourmet meals a day: pickles, eggs, and...pickles!

As he said this, a huge mastiff dog ran to Sinbad's side.  This was Spike.  Seeing the pretty girl in front of him, Spike's eyes widened and he grinned in delight, with drool oozing from his tongue.

SPIKE: Woof!

SINBAD: Oh Spike, there you are!

Sinbad puts his arms around Spike playfully while Marina looks on in agitated confusion.

SINBAD: I'd like to introduce you to your new bunkmate!

Marina gasps indignantly and shakes her head at Sinbad in disbelief.

SINBAD: Or actually, you're his new bunkmate, as it's actually his bunk.  Ha ha!

Sinbad turns Spike loose, and the big dog licks his lips before running over to Marina, jumping at her and placing his large front paws over her shoulders.  Marina groans in disgust as Spike begins licking her cheek, leaving a trail of slobber running down it.  She eventually pushes him off of her and glares at him as drool drips off her wet face.

SINBAD: We do hope you have a pleasant stay aboard the Chimera!  Oh, and if he starts hugging your means he likes you.

Spike, loving the taste of Marina's skin, begins to get closer to her again.  Marina's eyes and mouth widen in horror as she realizes that he's about to resume his slobbery assault, and jerks her head away as his tongue flies at her again.  Spike licks her ear a few times before she pushes him away once more and snarls at Sinbad.

MARINA: If you think....!

And then Sinbad slammed and locked the door, leaving Marina trapped with the overexcited dog.

SPIKE: Woof!

He had her right where he wanted her now, so he pinned her to the ground, so that she wouldn't struggle as he continued his game.  Drool was raining down from Spike’s mouth, landing on Marina’s face. Marina still tried to struggle regardless, but soon realized that it was futile.

MARINA: (Shaking her head) No, no, no! Get off me!

Spike presses his tongue down on Marina's cheek and lifts it up even slower.

MARINA: Eeewwww! Knock it off, you naughty dog!

Spike repeats the motion, going even slower so that he could savor the taste he got of Marina. Eventually, Spike pressed his huge, pink tongue on her wet face and left it there for minute. Marina tried to speak could not as the tongue was covering her whole face. Spike then continued on what he was doing before, licking her as slow as he can to savor the taste of her. Eventually, her scowl formed into a smile, and she started laughing, putting an arm around Spike as she did.

MARINA: Oh well!  I guess you'll do for a bunkmate, hahahahaha! Now let me up!

But Spike wasn't done yet, and began licking Marina from chin to forehead.

MARINA: Heeheeheehee! That's starting to tickle!

This was even more reason for Spike to keep it up, which he did but with more slobber than usual.

MARINA: It feels so weird! Heeheehahahaha!

After continuing on for a while, Spike stopped and rested his head on Marina's lap, panting loudly but still trying to lick her face, which is causing slobber to fly everywhere.

MARINA: (Scratching his ears) Such a good boy! Yesyouare, Spike! Yesyouare! Haha!

Slobber then proceeds to hit her in the face, which sends her falling backwards. Spike sees this and jumps on her again.

MARINA: Here we go again! Heheheheheh!