Faye Prisoner
Faye Valentine had made a big mistake in trying to steal aboard the ship known as the Chimera and rob from it. The Chimera belonged to Sinbad, a first-rate pirate, who had easily seen through the greedy gambler's scheme and taken her prisoner. Faye now sat on a bench, her hands cuffed to a ladder against the wall while Sinbad paced back and forth in front of her, grinning smugly.

SINBAD: You know what I do to prisoners, don't you?

FAYE: (With a seductive smile) Prisoners like me?  Do you.....ravage them?

SINBAD: .....Yeeeah, don't flatter yourself, babe. I'm talking torture here!

FAYE: (Gasp!) You barbarian!  You'd torture a lady?

SINBAD: I don't see any ladies here.

FAYE: Grrrrr, you...!

SINBAD: But I won't do it personally, no.  I've got someone else to do it for me!

The pirate then whistled, prompting a barking, slobbering mastiff dog to run into the room.

SINBAD: Faye Valentine, this is Spike.  Spike, this is Faye Valentine!  Ready to do your thing, boy?

Spike nods, his jowls salivating, as he was very excited at the thought of what he was about to do!

SINBAD: Excellent! I'll leave you two alone!

FAYE: H-hey, wait a minute!

But Sinbad is already out the door, closing it behind him. The purple-haired criminal looks nervously at the giant, panting dog in front of her.

FAYE: N-nice doggie....!

Spike then jumps at Faye and places his paws over her shoulders as he begins joyfully licking her face.

FAYE: Blech! Cease! Bad dog!

But her reaction just got Spike in an even more playful mood, so he picked up the pace!

FAYE: Knock it off, you slobbering abomination!

Spike leaned down and began slurping away at Faye's bare shoulders next.

FAYE: So gross!  And strangely arousing!

This caused Spike to bark happily before he began to lick Faye's bare midriff.

FAYE: (Recoils) Eeek! And has a tickling feeling to it, too!

Spike licked her midriff even more, delighted at the taste of Faye's skin.

FAYE: Heeheeheeheehahahahaha! Heel, boy! Heel!

Misunderstanding, Spike bent down and bit off Faye's shoes before slurping away at her heels.

FAYE: Nohohohohoho! Not that kind of heel! Heeheeheehee! Stop!

Spike then licked all the way up and down both of Faye's long legs, drenching them to no end!

FAYE: Fffffffff-hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa! Nohohohohohohoho, stopahahahaha!

Spike stepped around the immobilized space vixen to get his dripping tongue behind her legs. Joyed at the wonderful taste they concealed, the big strong mastiff licked the backs of Faye's calves, knees, and thighs with devious but ultimately playful intensity.

FAYE: I wo-ho-ho-n't st-hee-eal from Sin-nnn-bad again, I promise!

The woman's pleading was useless, as Spike continued to lick every part of her his tongue could reach.

FAYE: I've learned my lesson! Hahahahahahahahaha! Please, have mercy!

Spike raised his head back up to Faye's face and started licking her across her lips.

FAYE: Blech! Patooie! (Spits indignantly) Why can't you show mercy?!

Because this is too much fun to stop!  Spike slaps his tongue against Faye's cheek and begins licking it more.

FAYE: (Shaking herself, trying to get the slobber off) Look, just stop!

But Spike keeps licking her entire body for at least half an hour more.

FAYE: (Voice growing hoarse) I can't breathe! Please stop!

Deciding she'd had enough tongue torture from him, Spike backs off at last.

FAYE: Thank you! Thank you so much!

Spike smiled and walked away, hoping that Faye hadn't really learned better.  Then there would be a Round 2!