Yuffie Winking
One cool morning, Yuffie Kisaragi, the sneaky teenage ninja and thief, snuck into Pluto's room at the kennel while Pluto was absent. She took her sweet time stealing as much dog toys and bones as she could before dashing off with them, finding a nearby ditch to hide in as she heard Pluto being let into the room.

YUFFIE: All-righty, Pluto! Let's see if that nose of your's can catch me now!

Pluto looked around and it didn't take long for him to realize that his stuff was missing, and the scent he was picking up obviously told him who did this! Putting his nose to the ground, Pluto began sniffing around to track down Yuffie, who kept still and held her breath in her hiding place. Suddenly, she was tackled from behind by a yellow blur.


She looked back up to see Pluto panting happily down at her. This elicited a giggle from her.

YUFFIE: Looks like you caught me, mutt!

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

He then gave the naughty thief a huge slurping lick in the face, soaking it entirely in dog slobber.

YUFFIE: Pahahahahahaha! Aw, Pluto!

Yuffie winks at the dog and pats his head. This earns her more slobbery kisses from him.

YUFFIE: Hee hee! Wet and wild, just how I like it!

This was exactly what Pluto wanted to hear!  He barked and planted another one up the side of Yuffie's face, making her laugh all the more.  She looked up at Pluto with a big grin.

YUFFIE: You like the taste of Yuffie, don'cha, boy?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

Pluto licks his lips with his drooling tongue before unleashing it on Yuffie's bare midriff, tickling her greatly. 

YUFFIE: Wahahahahahahaha! Oh, geeheeheeheeheeeez!

Pluto could never get enough of this amazing taste, so he began licking Yuffie all the way down her legs, slathering them in slobber.  Yuffie then winked at the dog and took both her shoes off, wiggling her toes playfully.

YUFFIE: I'm one step ahead of ya, mutt!  Here ya go, my feet are all your's!

Pluto panted happily at this announcement, as he placed his paws on her ankles and slurped her bare feet completely!  Yuffie's toes wiggled even more as she laughed from the tickling feeling of Pluto's tongue.

YUFFIE: Heeheeheeheehahahahahaha!  Atta boy, Pluto!

Pluto slipped his tongue inbetween her toes, tickling her to an entirely new level.


The big dog's drooling tongue went back up Yuffie's legs and midriff before stopping to slurp at her bare shoulders. Yuffie laughed as she was lapped up by Pluto, reaching and petting him on the head happily.

YUFFIE: Gotta love that skin, huh?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

Yuffie grinned as she felt Pluto's tongue on her cheek again, lifting it up and leaving a trail of slobber behind. This elicted another laugh from the tomboy, who wrapped both arms around Pluto's neck and hugged him.

YUFFIE: I love you, you silly mutt!

Pluto loved her too, and he showed it with another kiss!

YUFFIE: Ha ha ha!  Man, I am dripping wet! But I don't mind at all! It feels great!

Pluto was glad to hear that and let her up so she could head home. Yuffie winked and waved goodbye to the dog as she left.

YUFFIE: Bye, Pluto! You'll smell me later! Hee hee!

Pluto barked a goodbye back to her, excited for the next time he'll chase her down!