Yuffie and Pluto
Yuffie Kisaragi was getting breathless as she ran, constantly hearing the thumping of paws and heavy panting behind her. She had stolen a bone from Pluto's dish and was now being chased around by the yellow dog.  Once she was a good distance away from him, she ran over to where her friend Leon sat on a bench, reading a small book.  He frowned when he looked up at Yuffie.

YUFFIE: Squall, ya gotta help me!  The King's mutt is after me!

LEON: What did you do this time?

YUFFIE: I stole his bone!

LEON: .....Why?

YUFFIE: Because the King gave it to him!  D'you know how much that makes this thing worth?

LEON: Sorry Yuffie, this one's on you.  I'll have no part in it.

Before Yuffie can respond, Pluto arrives and charges at her, barking.  Yuffie beings running again, finding a large safe nearby that she crouches behind and hides.  Pluto, however, immediately sniffs the air and locates Yuffie by her scent, running behind the safe and barking loudly at the teenage ninja girl.  


Yuffie gets back to her feet and runs back to Leon.

YUFFIE: It's not fair, Squall!  The mutt keeps sniffing me out!

LEON: Maybe if you wore more clothing, you wouldn't be so easy to track.

YUFFIE: Oh what, you're a fashion advisor now?  Aaaah!

Yuffie yelps as Pluto comes charging after her again.  Leon rolls his eyes as she runs away.

LEON: Whatever.

Panicking, Yuffie attempts to climb up the roof of a house.  But Pluto jumps up and bites onto the end of her scarf, pulling her back down to the ground.  Yuffie looks up at the dog and moans, knowing the jig is up.

YUFFIE: OK, OK, I give!  Here's your dumb bone back! 

She hands Pluto the bone, and the dog immediately drops it the side.  He was never interested in the bone...he was interested in Yuffie!  And to show this, he leans down and gives her face a slobbery lick.  Yuffie blinks, surprised.

YUFFIE: Huh? You're....not mad at me?

Pluto shakes his head.  Of course he's not mad, he loved that chase!  And now that he had Yuffie, he wanted to show her his appreciation in the best way he knew how, so he leaned down and began licking her face some more.

YUFFIE: Ha ha!  Wow, that is one slobbery tongue you got there, mutt! Hee hee hee!

The big dog slurped the ninja's shoulders, soaking her in wet dog-drool.

YUFFIE: Hey, cut it out!  Heh...that tickles!

Pluto, glad to hear this, sped up his treatment, tickling her to no end as he licked her bare midriff.

YUFFIE: Wahahahahahahahaha!  No, stohohohohohop!

But Pluto was just getting started, as he slowed down, prolonging the tickling feeling.  Tears formed in Yuffie's eyes.


Yuffie was now a crying, laughing, kicking mess at this dog's mercy.


Pluto then let her have a little breather, fearing her condition would worsen if he continued.  Yuffie wiped the tears from her eyes and sat up, a big grin on her face as she threw her arms around Pluto's neck and winks at him.

YUFFIE: Good one, boy!

Pluto smiled at her, before sloppily licking her cheek again. The tomboyish ninja laughs and rubs her cheek in response.

YUFFIE: That actually felt pretty good!

This prompts the dog to do it again.

YUFFIE: It feels better and better every time!  Ha ha!


Pluto pounces on Yuffie again and licks her face in happiness.

YUFFIE: (Kicking her legs) So wet, but soooo fantastic! Ha ha ha!

Yuffie's legs kicked so much, she wound up sending her boots flying off, exposing her bare feet to Pluto, who wasted no time in giving them his treatment.


Pluto licked all the way up Yuffie's long, kicking legs, his tongue making loud slurping noises as he did.


Finally stopping, Pluto lets Yuffie get to her feet while he licks his lips happily.

YUFFIE: Oh, man! You're totally one of a kind, Pluto!