Namine Surprised
Kairi and Pluto are in the dungeon of the Castle That Never Was.  Kairi goes over to the bars of the cell to see if anything is going on outside, as a commotion seemed to have started a while ago.  As she does, a dark portal opens up on the wall behind her, and Pluto begins barking at it.  Kairi turns around and looks in surprise as a girl who looks just like her except with blonde hair and only sandals and a white slip of a dress on emerges.  This is Kairi's Nobody, Namine.

NAMINE: This way!

KAIRI: Who...?

NAMINE: Believe in yourself.  C'mon, hurry!


Pluto, who had been sniffing Namine over, sees her for what she is when he realizes she smells almost exactly like Kairi.  Panting excitedly, he jumps at her, and the startled girl barely steps out of the way of getting knocked over.

NAMINE: Aaa-aaah!

The big yellow dog comes at her again and, seeing the dark portal close due to running out of power, Namine begins to run away.  Kairi watches in surprise and bemusement as Pluto chases the panicked Namine around the cell.

KAIRI: It's OK!  He won't hurt you!


Namine stops to look at Kairi and Pluto, seizing his chance, jumps at her and knocks her to the floor, her sandals flying off of her feet as she falls.  The happy Pluto pants in Namine's wide-eyed face for a moment before smothering it with his big wet tongue, which lifts her cheek upward, leaving behind a trail of slobber. Namine laughs in shock.

NAMINE: Oh! Eheheheheheheheh!

KAIRI: See? He's friendly! And it looks like he likes you as much as he likes me!

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Panting)

Pluto licks Namine from her chin to forehead, drenching the blonde girl's face in dog slobber.

NAMINE: Well, it's a great thing he does, cause I like him, too! Hahaha!

Pluto happily starts wagging his tail and slurping Namine's bare shoulders.

NAMINE: Heeheehahahaha! Easy, boy! Easy!

But Pluto then notices that her sandals are gone and leans down to slowly lick her bare soles.

NAMINE: Heeeheeeheehahahahaha! No, no, no! Not my feet! I'm ticklish!

Pluto made sure to give a slurp to each and every one of her wiggling toes.

NAMINE: (Twisting) Hahahahaheeheehee! I-I can't breathe!

Finally the dog backs away from Namine, licking his lips happily.  Kairi giggles and walks over to pet him.

KAIRI: (Ruffling Pluto's fur) Well, what did you think of that affection assault of his?

NAMINE: It was kinda gross...(Giggling) And yet so fun!

Pluto smiled, then licked her cheek once again.  Namine chuckles as Kairi bends down to help her up.

NAMINE: Thanks for the lift!

The moment both girls are to their feet, Pluto jumps at them and knocks them both to the ground.

BOTH: Oh boy!

The excited dog wastes no time slobbering all over the girls' identitcal pretty faces.

BOTH: Heeheeheehahahahahaha! Oh, Pluto!

Both Kairi and Namine ultimately escaped the prison with Pluto...who couldn't wait to spend more time with them!