Mars Licked
King Mickey and his friends are on Mt. Coronet, taking on the forces of the evil Team Galactic. Kairi, the Keyblade-wielding Princess of Heart, has ended up matched against Commander Mars, a fellow red-headed girl. Mars smirks.

MARS: You really think you have what it takes to beat me, Princess?

Kairi pauses, then withdraws her Keyblade, surprising Mars.

KAIRI: Y'know what? I don't have to fight you! I've got back-up!

MARS: Wait, what?

KAIRI: Oh, you'll see!

Sticking her fingers in her mouth, Kairi whistles loudly. Barking is soon heard, and then Pluto, Mickey's dog and Kairi's faithful canine friend, runs on over to her.

MARS: What the heck? A dog?

KAIRI: Not just any dog, however! You ready, Pluto?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah!

Kairi bends down to scratch Pluto behind the ears, then grins and points to Mars.

KAIRI: OK, Pluto....sic 'er! 


MARS: Gah!

Pluto begins charging at Mars, who immediately turns tail and starts running away. However, this proves to be no help as he pounces her in no time flat. Mars finds herself staring at the large yellow dog, face to face.

MARS: Gulp! Wh-what's he gonna do...?

KAIRI: You'll see...(Snaps fingers)

On this signal, Pluto stuck his big, pink tongue out and slapped it down on Mars' cheek, licking it with such force that it lifted up and bounced a little once the tongue was off it.  Mars cringed at the wet sensation she felt.

MARS: Yyyyyuck! Wet! Ugh, and gross!

KAIRI: Get 'er nice and wet, boy!

Pluto repeated the action, soaking Mars' cheek even further.

MARS: Bleh! Cut it out!

But Pluto knew better so he kept it up, licking the feisty commander's face with vigor to the point where a puddle formed around her.

KAIRI: Hee! Does she taste good, Pluto?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Panting)

Mars can't help but smile a little at this. She warmed up to Pluto a bit.

MARS: Heeheehee!  He's actually kinda cute! Even if he's super slobbery!

KAIRI: He appreciates compliments! Right Pluto?

To show that this was true, Pluto's tongue slurped up Mars' whole face happily.

MARS: Hahahahahahaha! That tickles!

Mars tries to block the slobbery tongue with her hands, but to no avail. Pluto starts slobbering all over her hands instead.

MARS: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahaaa!

The big dog then moved down her body, his tongue managing to soak her through the fabric of her clothes.

MARS: Pahahahahahahahahahaha! Stohohohohohohooop! You're making my clothes wehehehehet!

But Pluto knew better, and kept at it.  He carefully bit off Mars' boots and began slurping away at her tasty bare soles, which got Mars to laugh her head off.

MARS: (Wiggling her toes) Bwahahahahahahahaha! Have mercy!

KAIRI: Hee! OK, Pluto, take a break for a moment! It seems like she's had enough!

As command, Pluto stepped back and gave Mars some space, panting heavily. Kairi bent down and gave Mars a friendly smile as she offered her a hand up.

MARS: Th-thanks. You're not half-bad, Princess. I think I could get along with you and your dog just fine!

KAIRI: Your'e pretty worthy yourself, Mars. Pluto clearly likes you.

Pluto barked happily to confirm this.

Mars and Kairi both smile at each other, each seeing the other in a new light.  They shake hands as a truce.

MARS: We'll have to do this again sometime...I actually really like that dog of yours's slobber!

KAIRI: Definitely! How 'bout it, Pluto? You wanna give her some more?

PLUTO: Woof woof!

Pluto jumps up and gives Mars another big wet kiss, and then does the same to Kairi. This causes both girls to laugh and wrap their arms around Pluto's furry neck.

GIRLS: Tehahahahahahahahahaha!

Both Kairi and Pluto agreed: Mars was definitely a keeper!