Pluto Licks Kairi
Through a portal of darkness, Pluto arrives on Destiny Islands one afternoon. King Mickey's dog looks around at all the beautiful sights before sticking his nose in the air and sniffing something.  His nose then points down a path toward the ocean, and at once the yellow dog is off and running, barking excitedly all the way.  The scent was so delightful that he just had to meet it's source!

Standing on the beach is Kairi, dressed in a white underskirt and pink overskirt that leaves most of her skin exposed, justifiable by the warm weather.  She looks out at the playground island across the ocean and murmurs to herself.

KAIRI: Maybe waiting isn't good enough....

PLUTO: Woof woof woof!  Woof woof!

KAIRI: (Gasp!)  

Kairi turns around when she hears the barking and sees Pluto charging at her.  Before she can do anything about it, the large dog jumps at her, pressing his paws on her shoulders and knocking her to the ground.  Excited to meet this wonderful-smelling girl, Pluto gives her a huge, slobbery lick in the face, his big tongue lifting her cheek up.

KAIRI: Aaahahahahahahahaha!  You-you're Pluto, right?  How are you doing, boy?

Pluto nods excitedly before licking her some more.

KAIRI: Ha ha!  Easy, boy, easy! 

Kairi reaches and scratches Pluto behind his ears, giggling. This gets Pluto's tail wagging to no end.

KAIRI: Hee hee!  You seem to be pretty fond of me, huh?

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Panting)

The big dog's slobbery tongue then meets her hands, traveling up her arms.

KAIRI: Woahahahahahahaha!  Pluto, you silly mutt! Ha ha ha!

Kairi's laughter sounded as beautiful as her, so Pluto slowed down his affection.

KAIRI: Eeeheeheeheehehehehehahaha! 

Pluto then bit onto her shoes and pulled them off, licking her bare feet and drenching them in slobber as Kairi continued giggling and patting the yellow dog fondly.

KAIRI: OK, OK, boy! I'm glad you like me, but take it easy! Hee hee!

The big wet tongue moves up Kairi's leg, slurping her knees and ankles.

KAIRI: I'm pretty tasty, huh, boy? Hee hee!

PLUTO: Yeahyeahyeah! (Licks his lips)

KAIRI: Glad you like me!

Pluto begins to lick Kairi's bare shoulders, wanting to taste more of her sun-kissed skin.

KAIRI: Heeheehahaha!  Good bohohohohoy!

Pluto then stopped to happily get a gaze of Kairi's beautiful face, before nuzzling her affectionately.  Kairi grins and pets the sides of Pluto's furry face with fondness.

KAIRI: Oh Pluto!  Hee hee! 

Pluto smiled and wagged his tail.  The lovable dog was so happy to have met this lovable girl.