Namie and Kairi
Kairi walked into the kennel with a smile on her face and a spring in her step, eagerly anticipating the time that she would spend with Pluto today. As she entered and signed in to see Pluto, she failed to notice a large, bright yellow sign on his door, with a warning on it in bold, black letters.


Kairi opened the door, whistling as she did so. “Pluto! Here boy!”

The dog’s yellow head popped up from behind a box, his eyes lighting up as he saw his best human friend enter the room. He leapt over the box and charged towards Kairi, the door shutting behind her as she held out her arms and grinned. Pluto leapt at Kairi, the girl giving a joyful squeal as Pluto wrapped his front legs around her, tackling her off her feet. Kairi’s grin went wider as she felt Pluto’s big pink tongue slap onto the underside of her chin, forcing her head to point upwards as the tongue was dragging from her throat to the tip of her chin before flying off of it in a SLURP and a spray of saliva as Pluto’s tongue flew backwards.

Kairi landed on her back, Pluto backing away and barking excitedly as she sat up. Kairi wiped a hand up her chin, giggling as she looked at the dog. “Hehe…Happy to see me, boy?”

Her answer was a massive pink tongue that seemed to consume her entire face, covering it all the way back to her ears. Pluto dragged it slowly up Kairi’s face from her chin to her forehead, a long SLUUUUUUUUURP noise accompanying the action. Another shower of drool flew over Pluto as he slurped his tongue off of Kairi’s forehead, looking back down at his favorite playmate as she giggled, shaking her head a bit and sending a few drops of saliva flying. Kairi grinned at Pluto, rubbing the top of his head. “Heheh, good boy.”

Pluto’s thin black tail gave a mighty wag as he barked and leapt onto Kairi again, nearly knocking her over as he planted his paws firmly on her shoulders. Kairi was able to look down just in time to see Pluto’s mattress-sized tongue swing towards her. One of Kairi’s eyes was forced shut as Pluto’s tongue slapped onto her cheek, lifting the skin up in yet another great big slurp. As Pluto’s tongue raked off of her cheek Kairi giggled, before Pluto deposited a second lick on the opposite cheek.


Kairi’s other eye was shut as her other cheek was lifted up, the giggling turning into fully-blown laughter before Pluto began to smother her face in licks. Cheeks, chin, forehead, and everywhere in between were fair game, Pluto’s tongue slapping against Kairi’s face again and again as he slathered her face with drool.


Pluto’s tongue covered Kairi’s face over and over, her cheeks being lifted up repeatedly as her face was soaked in drool. Finally Pluto backed off, leaving Kairi giggling madly as she lay on her back, her face covered in saliva. She raised her head as Pluto barked excitedly, the dog pointing his nose in the direction of the box that he had emerged from earlier.

“Something behind there, boy?” Kairi asked as she got up, her face still dripping drool. Pluto nodded energetically, pointing at it with his nose again, as if he was a hunting dog. He stayed there as Kairi walked past him, though she didn’t see the grin that spread across Pluto’s face. Pluto sniggered to himself as Kairi reached the box. She leaned over it to look behind…


“Mmmph?!” Kairi’s exclamation of surprise was smothered as a second massive tongue met her face as she peeked over the edge of the box. The wet pink towel covered her entire face from chin to forehead back to her ears, and slurped off with enough force to knock Kairi down onto her rump again. Kairi took a deep breath to recover from the surprise and looked up.

Pluto stood there, his tail wagging excitedly. He barked twice and leapt down from the box, landing in front of her.

“Pluto?” Kairi asked in confusion. She looked behind her at the other Pluto. “Pluto?!”

Both Plutos barked as they got in front of Kairi, both snickering at the puzzled look on her face.

“But how…?” Kairi shrugged. “Oh well. You’re both probably still the same Pluto I remember.” She grinned. “Am I right?”

Both Plutos barked happily, tackling Kairi back onto the ground. Kairi barely had time to go “Oof!” before her entire world was once again filled with dog tongues. The tails of both Plutos wagged energetically, Kairi unable to do anything but mumble as the pair’s vast tongues slid around her face over and over. Each Pluto took a side of her face, her cheeks being lifted up again and again as tongues slapped against them and dragged each one up, sometimes completely enveloping her head in soft, slobbery tongues. Finally Kairi’s hands were able to push both dogs away, and she tried futilely to stifle her giggling as she stood up. The Plutos stood in front of her, their big tongues hanging from their mouths.

“Hehe…” Kairi giggled as she looked at them. “You…hehe…you two…hee…You two are a piece of work!”

Kairi petted the identical dogs' heads while catching her breath. Thinking alike, both Plutos moved their heads up as they each licked the palm that pet them. Kairi flicked her hands a little to air them out. As she did, her now-2 favorite dogs moved in closer as one smothered her left shin and knee with wet dog-kisses while the other put his slobbering tongue on her right thigh and licked upwards, nipping the edge of her skirt a few times as he layed his affections on her.

"Aww..I love both you!" Kairi verified

Both Plutos barked together and leapt at her again. Kairi eeped as they did, but the eeps turned into laughter as each Pluto put their paws on one of her shoulders and brought their tongues up. Each tongue slapped onto a cheek, Kairi’s face being pulled into a smile as her cheeks were lifted up by each tongue. Kairi tripped as the tongues left her cheeks, falling onto her rump. One of the Plutos went around her back as the other straddled Kairi’s legs, Kairi barely having time to stop giggling before she felt a warm, wet weight press against the back of her head. The force of it made her head tilt forward, and the other Pluto was already there. His tongue swung upwards and splatted against Kairi’s face, enveloping it completely as Kairi was sandwiched between the two tongues. The Pluto in front of her then swiped his tongue off of her face, sending Kairi flying back onto her back.

Giggling, Kairi raised her hands to keep the two dogs off of her. “Okay, hahaha, okay, lay off for a second, hehe!” The dogs backed off, both smiling at one another as Kairi kept giggling.

“Hehe…oh, hehe, Namine's gonna love this!”

A flash of light later and Kairi’s Nobody was in the room with them, looking from Kairi to the pair of Plutos next to her.

“What-“ was all she managed to get out before the Plutos tackled her, and Namine squealed in delight as she felt their tongues slap against her cheeks. She ended up falling against the wall, the Plutos licking her energetically. Her cheek was lifted up by the tongues again and again, though sometimes one of the Plutos would lick her from chin to forehead as well. Namine was pinned against the wall by them, giggling and squirming as the tongues of both Plutos licked her cheeks. Her cheeks were lifted up by them, and occasionally one of the Plutos would drag his tongue up the underside of her chin or drop his long soaking wet tongue upon her neck and shoulders, and the slurping continued as Kairi giggled, watching the two Plutos lick Namine silly.

Namine couldn’t hold in her laughter as she felt the two dogs’ massive tongues slurp up her face. Her face was quickly a mess of drool, and the dogs skillfully evaded her hands occasionally licking them as she tried to push them away. Finally one of the Plutos took his big tongue and swung it forcefully against Namine’s chin. Though it dragged Namine’s chin along its path it also dragged her up the wall a short distance. Both Plutos repeated the motion, a pair of huge tongues slurping up Namine’s chin and tilting her head back as they dragged her up farther. One final double-lick brought the Nobody up to her feet, her chin now thoroughly slobbered and dripping drool. The Plutos then started slurping at Namine's bare legs, their tongues oozing more slobber upon on her knees and thighs as she squealed. They moved up a little to lick up her hips and sides.

"Eeep!" Namine squeaked as the heavy volume of warm drool seeped through her thin white dress and touched her skin underneath.

Namine didn’t even have time to wipe her chin before the Plutos were back at it, their massive tongues once again enveloping her face as she squealed with laughter from the licking. Kairi couldn’t help but grin as the noises from the licking Namine was getting reached her ears.


One of the Plutos finally stopped licking Namine, leaving the other to continue slobbering all over the Nobody’s face. Namine couldn’t tell what was happening due to her face being repeatedly enveloped by the massive, wet tongue of the other Pluto, but she could tell that there was one less dog licking her that she assumed was going after Kairi.

Kairi yelped in delight as the other Pluto leapt at her. His big tongue covered her entire face, Kairi squealing beneath the tongue as she hit the ground on her back. Pluto slurped his tongue off of Kairi’s face, grinning at her as Kairi crawled out from underneath him and stood up, grinning. “Haven’t you had enough yet?” she asked. Pluto grinned back and shook his head, running around behind Kairi. She turned to follow him, turning towards him just in time for Pluto to plant his paws firmly on her shoulders. Kairi was once again reduced to a slobbery, giggling mess as Pluto’s tongue worked like a windshield wiper, his tongue slapping back and forth across Kairi’s cheeks as he swung it like a pendulum.

SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! SPLAT! Went Pluto’s tongue as it dragged Kairi’s cheeks back and forth, saliva flying from Kairi’s cheeks as they were hit.

SLURP! SLURP! SHLUP! SLURP! Went the other Pluto’s tongue as it slurped Namine’s cheeks one after the other, going from left to right, back and forth.

The giggling of both girls filled the room, almost drowned out by the sounds of the two Plutos licking their faces. The sounds of slapping tongues and wet cheeks and giggling girls moved around the room as both Plutos gently pushed their girls towards the room’s door. As both girls came together the Plutos began to be more mobile, slapping their tongues against the cheek of one girl and dragging them across her cheek to the cheek of the other. They did this back and forth from Kairi to Namine, then from Namine to Kairi. Finally, the two girls, their faces dripping wet with buckets of drool, stood just inside the room, their backs to the open door. Both leaned on each other, giggling as they looked at the two dogs. Neither one bothered to wipe their face, both too busy giggling and grinning.

“Thanks, Pluto!” they said, addressing both dogs. The Plutos barked and leapt forward one last time, wet pink mattress-sized tongues swinging out one last time and enveloping the faces of both girls. Both Plutos hung on this time, pressing their tongues against the girls’ faces. Neither one of the girls were able to move, the tongues of the two Plutos stretching to the back of their cheeks, just in front of their ears. Finally, after what seemed like a few minutes of the tongues being slapped firmly in place, both Plutos winked at one another and began to slowly drag their tongues up the pair’s faces. Kairi and Namine’s noses were lifted up by the tongues, their cheeks following suit until the pair finally slurped off of their foreheads.

Both girls gasped loudly as they got their breath back, grinning at one another as the two Plutos panted and wagged their tails together. "Hehe, you know the saying: two heads are better than one. Except it's two dogs are better than one!" said Namine. "Hehe, sure is!" Kairi happily replied.