Misty Slurped
Misty was out for a morning walk for some exercise, and more importantly for the sunshine! She really wanted a tan. Along the way, however, her feet started aching from walking such a long distance, and soon she started to moan in pain.

MISTY: Oh, why did I have to be so aimless in my walking? My feet hurt! Uggh, I gotta sit down somewhere!  Preferably somewhere with...(Gasp!) Water!

The redheaded tomboy is delighted to have come upon a wide lake.  She happily slips off her shoes before sitting down on shore and dipping her bare feet in the cold water, hoping that it will help ease the soreness, as it did.

MISTY: (Sigh) Oh, yeah! That hits the spot! Glad I found this big ol' lake...

Suddenly, Misty hears loud barking and lifts her head up.  On the other side of the lake, a large sheepdog, Max, bounds into view.  He had smelled Misty and didn't hesitate to go to where she is, as she was a friend of his. Misty had a larger than normal smile on her face as she started waving towards her canine companion, happy to see him.

MISTY: Max! Hey there, boy! Come over here!

Misty starts waving at the dog, who jumps into the lake and swims all the way over to where Misty is, panting. The preteen tomboy looks down at him happily.

MISTY: It's great to see you again! How've you been?

Max barks a response before giving Misty's leg a slobbery lick.

MISTY: Hahaha! (Scratches his ears) That's good to know!

The dog then turns his attention to Misty's sore bare feet, sniffing them over with his rotund nose.

MISTY: I was out on a walk today, and my feet started to hurt. Long walks, you know?

Then Misty grins as an idea comes into her head along with a smirk.  She lifts her feet out of the water and dangles them in front of Max.

MISTY: You wanna help soothe the pain, boy?

The big dog pants happily at this thought. Wasting no time, he went straight to work, sloppily licking Misty's aching feet.

MISTY: Aheehee!  Good boy, Max! Keep it up!

Max gladly did so. To ensure this, he made sure to swipe his large tongue over each and every one of Misty's wiggling toes, tickling them as he did.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahahaha! Take it easy, boy! That tickles! I know you love licking my skin!

Pressing his tongue against her midriff, Max slurped all the way from there up to Misty's face, lifting her cheek up and showering it in slobber when his tongue flew off from it. Misty laughed as she petted him.

MISTY: Keep it comin'! You're doing an awesome job! I love it!

MAX: Woof woof!

The dog went out of control and jumped up and pushed his paws onto Misty's shoulders, knocking her flat on her back and keeping her from moving.  He panted down at her for a moment before slapping his tongue down on her face once more, making her break into another laughing fit. Max slurped all around her face with his great big tongue, covering it in slobber before moving down to her shoulders.

MISTY: Hahahahahahahaha! I love you too, Max! The pain's already almost gone!

Max licked down Misty's shirt to her midriff area, licking it with even greater speed and force, which in turn made her laugh harder and at a higher pitch.


The dog returned to where he started: her bare feet, licking their soles. Misty was kicking so much, Max had to pin her ankles so she wouldn't move as he worked his slobbery magic. Tears welled up in Misty's eyes as she laughed her head off.


Finally the sheepdog started panting and licking his lips, leaving Misty to catch her breath.

MISTY: Oh, boy! (Wiggles her toes) Whatta ya know? All healed! Good doggie, Max! You really make a good foot doctor!

Happy to hear this, Max licks Misty under her chin, slobber spraying over her when the tongue slides off of it.

MISTY: Hahahahaha! I love you too, boy!

Suddenly, Max caught the scent of something amazing. He began barking and ran a circle around Misty before running off, hoping she'd follow. Luckily, his wishes were answered, as Misty pulled herself up and started to get up to follow him.

MISTY: (Slipping her shoes on) Wait up, Max! I'm coming!