Max was trotting along the beach one morning when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. The fur above his eye lifted up as he stared at a wave coming toward the shore. Standing on a surfboard and surfing the wave was a sexy teenage girl with a skimpy, two-piece outfit and blue hair tied in a ponytail.

MAX: Woof woof!

The girl jumped off the board and onto the beach, flashing Max a spunky smile.

SHAUNA: Hey there, mutt!  

She then gestured to herself.

SHAUNA: I'm Shauna!  Shauna the Battle Girl!

The big sheepdog panted happily at this pretty new friend he could make. Wasting no time, he ran at her and jumped up, giving her a big lick on her cheek. Shauna grasped her wet cheek in shock and stepped back.  Just then, a huge wave rose up behind her and crashed down on her, soaking her in salt water. Max got to experience this salty taste, as he gave her another lick, his tongue slurping her from chin to forehead.

SHAUNA: Woahahahahahaha! Woah there, boy! Take it easy!

But the sheepdog pressed his paws against her shoulders and knocked her to the ground before licking her face even more, his slobbery tongue lapping up all the salt water from her skin, putting her in a giggling frenzy.

SHAUNA: Eeeheeheeheeeee! This feels so weird!

Panting heavily, Max started slurping away at Shauna's shoulders and making his way down her arms. She giggled as she ruffled his fur with her drool-slathering arms.

SHAUNA: Good boy! Good boy!

Max then pressed his big, slobbering tongue down on her midriff and began to slowly lick it too. Shauna's giggling turned into light laughter.  Max's licking sped up, as the dog tasted more of this delightful tomboy.

SHAUNA: Hahahahahahahahaha! Take it easy, big fella!

Soon Max's tongue was moving down Shauna's legs and all the way to her bare feet.

SHAUNA: Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee! Oh, geez!

Shauna wiggled her toes like crazy as she felt her soles getting slurped. She then squealed when Max's tongue reached those wiggling piggies, and starting pounding the ground.


After a few minutes, Max stopped and allowed Shauna to recover from his slobbery onslaught. Shauna breathed in air like no tommorow amidst amused giggles.

SHAUNA: You must really like the taste of Battle Girls, huh?

Max gave her another slobbery kiss to answer.  Shauna laughed and put an arm around Max fondly.

SHAUNA: Atta boy! What a great dog!

Max really enjoyed making new friends like this one he just made today. Barking, he lead the athletic beauty back to the kennel with him to sign on. Shauna didn't have to think twice before signing up.