Nico robin
It's almost evening at the kennel when Nami brings her crew mate, the voluptuous, scantily-clad Nico Robin over to meet Max, Prince Eric's playful sheepdog.

NICO ROBIN: Nami...are you quite sure about this?

NAMI: Absolutely! Max loves visitors, especially ones like you!

Nico Robin is about to inquire what Nami means by that, but the perky redhead is already signing them both in and then dragging her reluctant older friend to Max's room.  Max immediately smells Nami enter and runs over to lick her face excitedly.  Startled, Nico Robin steps back.

NAMI: Ha ha ha!  It's good to see you too, Max!  And look!  I brought another friend with me! 

Nico Robin nervously begins walking very slowly toward the panting sheepdog, who begins to sniff her as she gets closer.  Without warning, he barks and then jumps up at the young woman, his tongue pressing up against her cheek and lifting it upward, slobber trailing down it as it's licked.  Robin falls down on her butt, looking stunned.

NAMI: See?  Told you he loves visitors!

A smile spreads across Nico Robin's face and she laughs as she holds her wet cheek.

NICO ROBIN: It's a good thing he does, too!

Max barks happily before slowly licking up Nico Robin's long, sexy legs.

NICO ROBIN: Heeheeheehee! Such a friendly dog!

Jumping up again, the sheepdog plants a sloppy kiss under Robin's chin.

NICO ROBIN: Heeheeheehahahahahahaha! I can see why you got along with him when you two met!

Panting loudly, Max knocks Robin to the ground with his paws, pinning her down and licking her face like crazy.

NAMI: Looks like you two are getting along perfectly now!

Nico Robin laughs and ruffles Max's furry face excitedly, which makes him speed up his licking process. 

NICO ROBIN: Ha ha ha!  Want some more?

She sprouts out multiple bare arms, with all their hands ruffling Max's fur. Max then starts licking the arms.

NICO ROBIN: Eeeheeheeheehahahahahaha!

The large sheepdog's tail is wagging rapidly at this many kisses he's given so far.  Nico Robin retracts all the multiple arms, then kicks off her sandals, exposing her bare feet. Max pants happily before going to town on them.

NICO ROBIN: Hahahahahahaha! Good boy!  Gohohohohohooood boy!

Max smiles as he moves onto her toes, licking across them, coating them all in dog-drool as they wiggle.

NICO ROBIN: Hahahaheeheeheeheeheehahahaha!

The dog then licks all the way up her legs, making her twist and wiggle around on the ground as she laughs.

NAMI: Looks like your really making an impression on him!

Nico Robin laughs and puts a hand to her cheek.

NICO ROBIN: Not as much as he's making on me!

NAMI: I guess you got a point there!