Misty lick
Misty, the red-headed water Pokemon trainer known as "the Tomboyish Mermaid", was living up to her name by swimming in the ocean by a large beach one fine morning, floating while doing backward strokes.

MISTY: Aaaaaah, this is great!

Finally stepping out of the water and onto the shore, Misty stretches for a moment, feeling the warm sun on her skin. 

MISTY: Another great time spent in the water...huh?

Misty jumps a little when she feels something wet on her ankles.  She looks down to see a large sheepdog, Max , licking them happily.  Feeling ticklish, Misty chuckles and steps away from the dog.

MISTY: Easy, boy....easy....

As Misty backs away, Max begins trotting toward her.  Nervously, Misty turns around and begins walking, only to hear Max coming behind her.  The girl breaks into a run, with Max barking and bounding after her.

MISTY: St-stay away! NO!

Max and Misty have a silly chase until Max finally jumps at Misty and knocks her to the sand.  He pants heavily before slurping across Misty's face with his slobbery tongue, making the girl laugh.

MISTY: D'ahahahahahahaha!  

Misty throws her hands in front of her to block Max from her face.  The dog licks away at her hands instead.

MISTY: Hahahahahaha!  You're a friendly fella, ain'cha?

Max nods before licking Misty's shoulders, drenching them in slobber.  Then her arms, then her midriff, then her long, skinny legs, followed by her bare soles.  Misty giggles and laughs to the point of hysterical tears from all this tickling, her legs kicking in the air and her toes wiggling wildly.


Finally Max stops, letting Misty sit up.  Max smiles and pants, he likes this girl.  She reminds him of Ariel, both being redheaded tomboyish mermaids.  Misty ruffles Max's fur fondly.

MISTY: Aw, that's a good boy!

Max licks her on the shoulder and all the way up her face, making her laugh again.

MISTY: Stohop, it tickles!

This just makes Max lick her cheek even more, pushing it upward with his tongue.

MISTY: Hahahaha!  Aw, shucks! 

Misty, seeing the tickling impact this large dog could do, came up with an evil plan.

MISTY: Y'know, I have three sisters who are just as beautiful as I am! I could show them to you so you can have more fun!

Max barks and starts jumping around Misty playfully as she gets to her feet, excited at this prospect.

MISTY: All right, then! I'll go restrain them so they won't be squirming around! I'll call you over when they're ready!

MAX: Woof! Woof!