One night, Ariel's 12-year old half mermaid half human daughter Melody is walking back to the castle, fresh from a swim in the ocean. Max the sheepdog is resting outdoors when he suddenly jolts up and sniffs in her scent right after her swim, panting and barking loudly in response. From where she is, Melody hears the barking.

MELODY: Huh? What is it?

Max runs past outside the castle, and meets up with Melody, sitting right in front of her, panting.

MELODY: Max! Hey, boy! Here you are! Come over here!

Max jumps at Melody and knocks her down. He starts licking her face and she breaks out giggling as his tongue slaps her cheeks, each love-filled slurp lifting her cheeks up. Melody laughed like crazy at this.

MELODY: (laughing) Stop it! That tickles!

Max slurped Melody's face, his tongue lifting the skin on her cheek upward. Almost as soon as his tongue slurps off of her cheek in a spray of saliva it was back in her face again, this time covering her entire face from chin to forehead as Max slurped that area of her face over and over.

MELODY: Mahahahaaax! Cuhuhuhuhut it out!

The dog begins sniffing her face and barking loudly, making the girl put a hand to her mouth as she chuckled. He then licks her face some more, each slurp of his wet pink towel of a tongue lifting her cheek up and pushing her eye shut.

MELODY: All right, Max. Cut it out! (laughing)

Even as she pushed him back, Max kept going, planting his huge paws on her shoulders and keeping her pinned to the ground. Melody giggles like mad again right before Max's tongue plants itself on her cheek, once again lifting it up as he slurps her face. Melody giggles as Max then slaps his tongue onto her cheek sideways, dragging it along her face as Melody giggled madly. Max's tongue worked like a pendulum, Melody's head being forced left, then right as his big tongue slapped down onto her cheeks and dragged them along.

MELODY: Man, you just can't get enough of me, can you? Heheheh! I think I can see why!

Max was loving her taste so much because she's Ariel's daughter and shares the same great tasting skin with her. Max shakes his head as a reply, spraying Melody with drool right before swinging his tongue back down, the mattress-sized pink slab covering her whole face, back to her ears. Max slowly drags it upward, off of her face, only to slap it down again, and again, and again, each time slurping it off of Melody's face as she giggles in between licks. Melody was practically convulsing with laughter; it tickled so much.

MELODY: Gahahahahahaheeheeheeheehahahaaa! Guess great tasting skin runs in the family!

Max gave a loud bark in response and then planted his wet tongue right on the soles of Melody's bare feet, licking with rapid speed as the tomboy shook with laughter, toes wiggling as she felt Max slurp each one of them. It was just too much.

MELODY: Hahahahahahaha! Heel, boy, heeheeheeheeheel!

Max finally backs off Melody and, after one last lick on her cheek, runs back inside the castle. Melody laughs and wipes her face as she stands up.

MELODY: Silly doggy! Where did you go?

Unable to find the dog, Melody goes back to her room in the castle. No sooner did she close the door did Max, who had been lying in wait there, jump on her again!

MELODY: Oh boy! Hahahahaha!

Max presses his tongue against Melody's cheek and licks it very slowly, slobber dripping in the wake of the lick.

MELODY: You're oh so slobbery, Max! Heeheeheehee!

The dog's wet tongue enveloped Melody's entire face and slurped it up completely.

MELODY: Hahahahahahahahahahaha! Somebody help!

But no help came, and Max began to slurp away at Melody's bare feet again, his tongue lifting up the skin of her soles and going between each wiggling toe. He also held down her ankles, just in case.

MELODY: Mahahahahahahaaaax! Weeheeheehahahahaha!

Max slurped up and down her feet repeatedly, making her slap the ground as she laughed.

MELODY: Oh Max! Pahahahahahahaha! I can't breathe!

Hearing this, Max backed off, smiling and panting at Melody fondly. Melody grabbed a nearby towel and used it to dry herself off.

MELODY: Good boy, Max! Hee hee!

This earned her another wet kiss from the giant dog, prompting more laughter.

MELODY: Hehahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Such a big, friendly, hairy, slobbery cutie you are!

Melody then leaned over towards Max and gave him a hug. His immediate response was to of course give her already soaked cheek a friendly, sloppy lick!

MELODY: Tehahahahahahahaha! I love you too, Max!