May, a pretty preteen girl with a fondness for travelling and shopping, was walking along a road one day, away from her friends. She was smiling and whistling to herself, a tune which caught the ear of the nearby sheepdog Max, who then intakes May's delightful scent. He starts dashing all the way down, finding the thing this smell came from.

MAX: Woof woof! Woof woof woof! 

MAY: Huh?

As soon as she sees the big sheepdog charging towards her, she starts to get worried, her knees knocking together.  She then spazzes out and runs away as fast as her legs can take her.

MAY: Waaaaaaaah!

Eventually, Max manages to pounce May before long, and is looming over her. May looks at the dog with great fear.

MAY: Aaaaah! No, no!

Before May could quiver any longer, she felt a wet feeling envelop her entire face.  She opens one eye.

MAY: Wha-?

She looks up to see him repeatedly licking her face.  Slowly, she breaks into a smile and starts laughing.

MAY: Hahahahahahaha!  You're friendly!  Heeheehee! I'm glad! Thought you were gonna hurt me or something.

Max really enjoyed this girl's taste, so he kept up his slobber assault.  May giggled as her cheek was lifted up.

MAY: Good boy! Such a good dog! 

Max's tail wagged as he slurped her entirely, making her half-heartedly try to push him off her. However, he was too big, she could hardly budge him!  She laughed as she gave up and fell flat on her back.

MAY: All right, all right, lick away!

She didn't have to say that twice to Max, as he cooperated with no problems or delays whatsoever.

MAY: Hahahaha!  Wow, this is so weird!  But so welcome, hee hee! And fun, too!

Max enjoyed this taste so much, he could hardly get enough!  He licked May all over her bare legs fervently. This gets May in a serious fit of giggles, and she begins kicking her legs in the air, her shoes flying off her feet.

MAY: Oh mahahahahahahaaan!

This gets Max overly excited, and he starts licking her naked soles and toes, getting them nice and wet.

MAY: Heeheeheeheeheehahahahahahahaha! Hey, boy! Those are INCREDIBLY ticklish! Tehehehehehehehe!

Max then drags his huge, thick tongue up her feet and all the way to her forehead, drenching her entirely in a stream of loving slobber.

MAY: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahahahahahaahah! OK, OK! You can stop now!

Smiling and panting, Max sat down and let May up as he breathed his warm dog breath in her wet face.

MAY: That's a good dog!

She reached into her bag and pulled out a towel to dry herself off, then smiled and extended her hand to Max.

MAY: I'm May, by the way.  It's been really good to meet you!

The big sheepdog rubbed his head under her hand, which made her ruffle his fur.

MAY: Eee hee hee!  Well, I'll be sure to run into you again sometime!  'Til then! (Winks)

Max gives her a final lick before sprinting down the road, with his new friend waving goodbye.