Mana Licked
Max is bounding along one day in his favorite place: the beach, a sandy wonderland.  He barks happily and sniffs at everything he comes across until suddenly he raises his head and sniffs the wind, smelling an extremely good human scent on it.  He immediately runs off in its direction, barking loudly and joyfully.

The scent belongs to Mana, a young Egyptian magician in-training.  The pretty teenager near the water, scepter in hand and ready to practice her magic.

MANA: OK! Let's see what I can do! GO!

She waves her scepter and a fish comes out of the water.  

Mana levitates it in the air and makes it move.

MANA: Ha! Up high! Down low! Move to the side and go, go go!  Oh yeah, this is easy!

Just then, she hears loud barking, making her drop the fish back into the water as she turns and sees Max coming.

MANA: Waaaaah!  Wh-what!? What's that?

Startled, Mana just stands still with her knees nervously buckling, thinking the dog might hurt her.  Max jumps at her, knocking her to the sand. The sheepdog pins her to the ground with his large paws and gives her a huge, slurping lick up the side of her face.

MANA: Aaaaaahahahahahahaha!  H-hey, where'd you come from, big fella? You're awful slobbery.

Max starts licking Mana's broad bare shoulders, making her twitch and laugh even more.

MANA: Eeeheeheeheehee!  At least you're friendly! Ha ha ha!

Max then slurps past her shoulders, up to her neck, which he makes his next target, before returning to her cheeks and licking them repeatedly.

MANA: Ha ha ha!  Stohohohop, that tickles! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Then Max licked her from chin to forehead. Mana laughed and put a hand to her wet chin.

MANA: Oh my! Hahahaha!

The large sheepdog then gently bites her boots and pulls them off, slurping the soles of her bare feet, which made Mana laugh in hysterics.

MANA: Bahahahahahahahahahaaa!  Oh, man!  Hahahahahahahaha!

Mana's toes wiggle around as she feels her feet licked, and she soon flops over on her side to catch her breath. Max then bounds up to her and licks her cheek some more, lifting it upward with his big wet tongue and spraying off it in a spray of saliva.

MANA: Aww, you're a good dog!  Yes you are! Yesyouare! Hehehehehe!

Mana rubs her soaked cheek as she scratches Max behind the ears playfully. Max smiles and wags his tail as he gets straight back to business, licking Mana's face as she hugs him and giggles.  Max then lets her up and goes into the sea to get the fish she previously caught to have it as a snack, which is dead now. Mana winks and cooks it with a fire spell.

MANA: You have it!  It's my treat! Go on, boy!

Max feels insanely grateful at this kind girl and thanks her with more kisses, prompting more laughter. Once the fish finishes cooking, Max chomps it down in one bite, then goes back to licking Mana.

MANA: Wow, I guess I taste better than the fish, hahahahaha! Right, boy?

Max agrees and keeps up his loving kiss routine, soaking the young spellcaster completely!

MANA: Hee hee!  I think I'm gonna need a swim after this!

After Max was finished, Mana decided to go wash off the drool in the ocean, then came back out when she was done.  She bent down and gave Max another hug, scritching him behind the ears as she did.

MANA: Good boy! Very good boy! Hehehe!

Max panted happily as he gave Mana another slobbery lick on the cheek, soaking it in drool all over again.  Mana laughed as she stood up, then waved to Max as she walked away.

MANA: Gotta go, but I'll definately see you later, boy! Then we can have even more fun!

Max barked a hearty goodbye to her, and strolled off for a walk on the beach.