Gwen Tennyson, a spunky 10-year old superheroine, arrived at the kennel one day and signed in so she could visit Max. Hands cupped around her mouth, she called for the sheepdog rather boisterously.

GWEN: Max! Here, boy!

She then spotted the big, gray furry mound rapidly running towards her and she was tackled to the ground by him.  Max pressed his slobbery tongue flat against Gwen's cheek and began licking it energetically.

GWEN: Haha! OK, Max! OK! I'm glad to see you too!

Max licked Gwen on the underside of her chin, tilting her head up as he did.

GWEN: Heeheehee! I've missed your slobbery shows of affection!

The dog let Gwen stand up and dust herself off. She then flashed a grin.

GWEN: I want you to do something for me! If I let you slobber all over me as much as you want, will you do it for me, boy?

Of course she knew his answer would be yes! After the dog nodded, Gwen giddily braced herself for the fun they were going to have together.

MAX: Woof woof!

Max jumped at Gwen, knocking her to the ground again, and gave her a full-face lick!

GWEN: Heeheeheeheehahahahahaha!

This was followed by a lick up her whole frontside, the dog's tongue soaking the tomboy's T-shirt.

GWEN: Gosh, I forgot how much this tickled! Hahahahahahaha!

Max repeated the motion, this time moving his tongue upward super-slowly.

GWEN: Pfff-heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!

The sheepdog then bit Gwen's shoes off, licking away at her exposed bare feet.

GWEN: Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!

After a while, Max stepped backward to let Gwen have a breather.

GWEN: Good boy! Now, you ready to help me? I promise more playtime if you do!

Max panted and barked happily, agreeing. Gwen grinned, a mischeivous glint in her eyes.

GWEN: Do you wanna help me track down...(eyebrow raises slyly) Charmcaster?

This was enough to set Max in an excited mood! And Gwen was determined to get him even more excited! 

GWEN: Yeah, you remember her, don'cha, boy? Remember her dee-lish tanned skin?

Max nodded, his tongue flopping out and shaking slobber everywhere.

GWEN: And that fabulous magenta coat, and her silky silver hair....

Gwen put her fingers in her mouth and gave a wolf-whistle, then began stomping her foot and wolf-whistled even louder. Max was now more excited then he ever thought possible, and he began panting up a storm!

GWEN: You want her? You want her, boy? Gooooo sniff her out!

Max inhaled deeply several times, sniffed along the ground for a while before catching the scent, and then took off in the direction the pretty teenage witch was last in. Gwen ran after him in delight.  Sure enough, soon they were in the area that Charmcaster was hiding in.

GWEN: All right, boy, she's here somewhere! Just follow your nose!

Max took a big loud whiff, the aroma of Charmcaster's skin entering his nose. Barking joyously, he traced it to her hiding place and knocked her out of it when he pounced on her.


GWEN: All right! Let her have it!

Max pressed his tongue down onto Charmcaster's face, making her squirm and shake with laughter as he licked her repeatedly.

CHARMCASTER: Oh my gohohohohohohod! G-Gwen you little twerp! Ahahahahahahaaa!

GWEN: Haha! That's it, Max! Get'er nice and soaked!


Max kept it up and soon Charmcaster was incapacitated, nearly passed out with laughter. Gwen giggled as Max licked his canine lips happily.

GWEN: Good boy, Max! C'mere and have your reward! You earned it!

Barking, the dog jumped at Gwen, knocking her to the ground and soaking her face in licks.

GWEN: Such an amazing dog!

Charmcaster took this chance to cast a spell on Gwen which would hold her to the ground.


GWEN: I'll take it with pride! Hahahahaha!

And so Max continued licking the lovable tomboy all over, from her shirt to her legs, and enjoying every second of it! Eventually, the spell wore off, and Gwen was free! Standing up, she gave Max a whistle as she pointed at Charmcaster, who gasped and jumped back in alarm.

CHARMCASTER: Not this time, Tennyson! *disappears in a puff of smoke*

Gwen grinned and turned to Max.

GWEN: And the hunt goes on! C'mon, boy!

MAX: Woof woof!

And with that, the girl-dog duo was off once more! It didn't take very long for them to find Charmcaster, as almost nothing can escape Max's nose! And when they got close to where she was, Max began panting heavily.

GWEN: Hehehe! Find Charmy, Max?

Max replied with a booming bark and began running closer towards the source, with Gwen following from behind. Charmcaster gasped as she heard the barking coming her way and threw her hands up in the air.

CHARMCASTER: Oh, seriously!?

Charmcaster tried casting a spell that would hide her, but she was too late, as Max came charging toward her, forcing her to turn on her heel and run.

CHARMCASTER: Gah! Get away from me!

GWEN: Don't try using your spells to get away, Charmcaster! Besides, Max is gonna find you anyways. He's got your scent, and he's likin' what he's smellin'! Heheh!

CHARMCASTER: That doesn't mean he can't catch me!

Just before Charmcaster was gonna teleport away, Max tackled her to the ground, looming over her and panting.


Despite this, Max slapped his pillow-sized tongue onto Charmcaster's face and dragged it up slowly, making a slow slurping noise as it went up.