Domino Slobbered
It is evening and Prince Eric's ship is docked in the harbor. Domino, the spunky blonde teenage agent of Team Rocket known as the Black Tulip, climbs aboard in secrecy, hoping to loot the vessel of it's valuables.

DOMINO: Heh! This is gonna be a piece of cake.

As she investigates the top deck, Max awakens from his sleep in the bottom deck when he hears footsteps above him. Raising his head and sniffing the air, the big sheepdog catches the unmistakable scent of a human girl.  Panting excitedly, he rushes up the stairs onto the top deck to check it out.    

Domino is inspecting the labels on crates when she hears a bark behind her.

DOMINO: (Gasp!) What the-!?

She turns around and sees Max running toward her, barking loudly.  

DOMINO: Shhhhhh! Shit! Stay back!

Domino throws a black tulip at the dog, who steps back for a moment before slurping it up with his big tongue and eating it, much to Domino's horror.  

DOMINO: N-no! Get away from me!

Max begins running at her again and she jumps onto the railing.


Max begins jumping up at the railing, barking and trying to get at Domino. With no other options left, the Team Rocket agent jumps backward onto the nearby harbor dock.  But Max runs off the ship and begins to chase after her, barking and panting loudly.  No matter how hard Domino runs, Max stays hot on her heels.

DOMINO: You'll never catch the Black Tulip, 'cause I can think on my feet!

But just after saying this, Domino slips on a large puddle.

DOMINO: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Domino skids and slides and then falls to the ground in a slapstick manner. Max finally catches up to her.  The happy dog bends his head down to her level and gives her a big lick, his wet tongue lifting her cheek up and leaving a trail of slobber behind.

DOMINO: Eeeeeeeeew!

Domino wipes her cheek and struggles to get up, but Max jumps at her, making her fall down on her back.  Panting for a moment, Max breathes warm dog breath into Domino's face.

DOMINO: Yech! Someone oughta feed you a breath-mint!

Max grins and then proceeds to lick Domino from chest to forehead over and over.

DOMINO: No!  C-cut it out!  STOP!  Aaaaah!

Max continues slobbering all over Domino happily. Her taste is so good to him, he picks up the pace and licks even faster!  Domino can't help but laugh at her predicament.

DOMINO: Pahahahahaha! Oh God, I don't believe this! Hahahahaha!

Soon Domino's face and chest are soaked with slobber, with drool even dripping from the curls of her hair.  Max, who wanted to taste even more of Domino's delicious skin, then turns around and bites off Domino's boots, before having his way with her bare feet.

DOMINO: Nohohohohohoho! Wahahahahahahahaaa!

The excited sheepdog licked up Domino's legs, slurping away at her knees while she continues to laugh.

DOMINO: D-dahahahahahahamn ihihihihihiiiit! 

Domino tries to push Max away, but he bites her gloves off and licks her bare hands.

DOMINO: Wahahahahahahahaha!  Aw, geez! Eheheheheheheh!

With a happy bark, Max flattens the teenage thief again, his tongue lifting up her cheek once more. Slobber trickled from his tongue and across Domino's gorgeous face.

DOMINO: Noooooooo!  Gahahahahahahahahahaaa!

Max keeps up this slobbering all over her, until the police eventually show up, looking for Domino.  She is taken into custody, fuming and dripping wet but thinking she's seen the last of Max.  How wrong she is...

Once she was finally sent to her prison (AKA The Kennel) she was sent into a room labeled "Max's Room", with a beach-themed interior. Domino was confused and somewhat nervous about this.

DOMINO: What...? What kind of place is this...?

Max had heard Domino, and began panting excitedly. In a matter of seconds, Max came into view, charging right at Domino with his tongue hanging out.

DOMINO: Waaaaaah! Not you again!

Max replied with a bark, which was interpreted as "It's nice to see you again!", tackled her to the sand floor, and began slurping up her face happily.

DOMINO: Aww, yuck!

After what seemed like hours of this treatment, Max got up off of Domino and sat in front of her, panting loudly. Domino couldn't stay mad at such a lovable thing, and began giggling at Max.

DOMINO: Hehehe...Alright, mutt, I love you too. How about a hug?

Domino then leaned towards Max and gave his big, warm, shaggy body a hug. Max began panting even more heavily, and responded to Domino's affection by delivering a big, friendly lick to Domino's cheek.

DOMINO: Hahahahaha! Thanks, boy!