Domino, the pretty blonde teenage agent of Team Rocket, was escorted to Max's kennel by Prince Eric, who was letting her tend to his sheepdog in exchange for freedom. When the two stepped inside, Eric whistled.

ERIC: Max, here boy! You've got a friend here to see you!

Domino gulped nervously and braced herself for the inevitable welcome. And sure enough, she was soon on the ground with Max looming over her.

DOMINO: Uh...hey, boy! How's it hangin'?

The delinquent girl gave the dog a little wave. This earned her an entire lick on the face, Max's wet tongue slowly sliding across her soft skin. Eric laughed while Domino cringed and crinkled her nose in reaction.

ERIC: I'll leave you two to play. See ya!

Eric walks out, leaving Domino with the giant sheepdog, whose panting tongue was oozing slobber, giving her a good look at what was about to hit her. SLURP! Max licked and licked feverishly, and soon enough, Domino had a face full of slobber!

DOMINO: Eeeyuck! I never asked for this again!

The feisty blonde wiped her face with her gloved hand. Max bit that glove off and started licking her hand.

DOMINO: H-hey! Knock it off!

But this was the last thing Max wanted to do, not that he would do it anyway! He pressed his tongue against Domino's cheek and licked it, the skin on it lifting upward as he did and slurping off in a slobbery spray.

DOMINO: Yecch! Freedom better be worth all the drool!

Amused at this cheeky remark, Max gave Domino's cheek another mighty lick.

DOMINO: (Wipes the slobber off) Yuck!

Max then licked all the way up the front of her black, red R-labeled shirt, soaking it and making Domino's whole body jerk in reaction.

DOMINO: (Trying to push him off) Knock it off! Don't you ever get tired of this, ya slobbering mutt?!

Such cheek! This, of course, earned her actual cheek another wet slurp of affection.

DOMINO: (Failing to keep a serious face) Th-that's enough now!

Max's response was an equally slobbery lick on her opposite cheek! This finally made her break out into laughter as she reached up with her hand and petted Max fondly.

DOMINO: Aw, who I am kidding? I love being adored like this! It feels great!

Glad to hear this, Max gave the cute criminal another full-face lick.

DOMINO: Hahahahahahahahaha! Good boy! Very good boy!

Domino then winked at Max. This earned her some more slobbery kisses, which made loud splatting noises as they continued picking up speed.

DOMINO: Heheheheh! Got quite the taste, don't I?

Max answered her with another giant slurp! Domino laughed as Max smacked his lips happily.

DOMINO: Well, my cheeks can take as much slobber as your tongue can give 'em! C'mon!

Max took this challenge with pride! Domino's cheeks bounced as they were licked repeatedly.

DOMINO: Pahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Slobber trailed across the skin of Domino's cheeks as Max's tongue kept on slurping them.

DOMINO: Heeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehee!

Max's tongue moved to the underside of Domino's chin, licking it so hard her head tilted upward, a spray of saliva showering down on her after every slurp.

DOMINO: Take it easy, boy!

At this, Max backed off. Domino got to her feet, chuckling, and then winked at Max.

DOMINO: How 'bout this: you can slobber all over me if you catch me in a chase?

Max is always up for a challenge!  At once, Domino was off and running as fast as she could. Max bounded after her, barking loudly as he caught up to her. In a matter of seconds, the dog knocked her down, and panted over her as he prepared for his reward!

DOMINO: Heh! (slipping off her other glove and boots) OK, boy! Have at it!

She didn't have to say this twice! Soon she was being slobbered all over her pale skin.

DOMINO: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good doggie!

Domino laughed as she felt each swipe of the dog's tongue, and scratched his head gleefully.

DOMINO: You're a big stupid mutt, but such a lovable big stupid mutt! Heehee!

Max licked her cheeks more and more for each cheeky comment she gave him.

DOMINO: Dahahahahahahahahahaaa!

Max finally stopped and backed off from the sopping wet, giggly mess of a girl. After a while, Eric returned to take both of them back to his ship, where Domino was to work for community service now that she was free of jail. Which meant Max would get to see a whole lot more of her!

DOMINO: Totally worth it! (Winks)

This earned her another hearty kiss!

DOMINO: Hahahahaha! Thanks a bunch, boy!

Max then placed his paws onto Domino's chest and began licking away at her face non-stop.

DOMINO: Hehehehehehehehehehe!

Domino was losing her balance from Max's weight, however, and soon tipped over onto the ground. Max, however, only continued his licking, even intensifying it!