Caught in her evil and selfish actions, the beautiful teenage Princess Diaspro was sentenced to be locked in a place she'd never heard of before, a place called "the kennel", particularly inside of a spacious, beachesque room. The curvaceous blonde had her hands tied up and the rope wrapped around a pole in a dark and musty room, where she was left there despite her protests as she squirmed in discomfort.


No answer. Diaspro raises her voice even louder, still hoping she'll get attention. However, she'll be getting attention from someone else.


Hearing that a princess, let alone a girl, was in the kennel, this made a certain sheepdog become very excited!

Just then she heard a sound nearby, the sound of heavy paws upon the floor and loud panting. Diaspro soon realized she wasn't alone. She begun shaking slightly in fear. 

DIASPRO: (Gulp!) Wh-who's there? Hello? Someone here to get me out of this?

Diaspro gasped in horror when the massive sheepdog Max lumbered into view, his big pink tongue hanging out of his mouth as he panted, and the princess could smell his warm breath as he came closer to her. She cringed at the smell of his breath, especially so up close.

DIASPRO: Euugh! Have a mint!

Without warning, Max slaps his tongue right on Diaspro's cheek. Diaspro shut her eyes and winced as she felt the slobber trickling from the tongue onto her skin as Max gave her a big lick.


The royal snob wipes her face clean of the slobber and glares at the big dog in anger.

DIASPRO: How dare you do that to a girl of royalty!

Regardless of her scolding him, Max leaned in a bit and gave her cheek another huge lick.

DIASPRO: Eugh! Disgusting!

Max then sat in front of her nonchalantly, panting happily

DIASPRO: Sh-shoo! Leave me alone! Now! Unless you think you can help me out of here...

MAX: Woof!

Max obviously didn't intend on doing that. Instead, he bounds closer to her until he's almost nose to nose with her. Nostrils flaring, the dog curiously began taking in deep whiffs of Diaspro, who forced a nervous smile and scooted back a little.

DIASPRO: Hehe! Nice doggy, go away now! Please!

But instead, he just inched closer to her, with his tongue also getting closer, before suddenly stopping his sniffing of her and planting his tongue on her cheek once again. A loud slurp and a rain of slobber accompanied the warm, friendly lick given to Diaspro.

DIASPRO: Eeep! Stop, please! That's..REALLY starting to tickle!

Max's response was to rapidly give her cheek even more licks! Diaspro's forced smile opened to release girly giggling, and she tried to scoot away further but found it impossible.

DIASPRO: St-stohehehehehehep ihihihit!

The sheepdog obliges, stepping back a little, panting happily once more. Max walked a full circle around the tied up Diaspro, occasionally stopping to sniff her. Thinking her warden-of-sorts had finished licking her, Diaspro relaxed very slightly.

DIASPRO: Ahh..good doggy! Can you untie me now?

But instead of chewing her ropes like she thought he would, Max opened his wet mouth, let out his blanket of a tongue and licked her up her thigh, hip, and ribs as his saliva poured onto her tight-fitting skirt.

DIASPRO: Ugh, my dress!

He smiles at the princess and licks his lips at her divine taste.

DIASPRO: Eheheheh....I'm flattered...grossed out, but flattered.

Max decided he needed more of this girl's amazing taste, so he gives Diaspro's entire face a sloppy kiss.

DIASPRO: Heeheeheehahahahaha! So friendly!

Diaspro had been a little scared of Max, but not anymore, for Diaspro had finally warmed up to Max's fun drool. Even her disgust was giving way to fondness.

DIASPRO: You obviously appreciate a great beauty like me when you see one! Hehe! (Winks)

Max panted at her ever-lasting beauty before licking her on the underside of her chin, a spray of wet saliva flying from his tongue as it grazed off. Diaspro giggled and put a hand to her now-moist skin in reaction.

DIASPRO: Oh, how very friendly and playful you are, you silly thing! Just...don't go too far with it, OK?

Max understood...and, a glint of mischief in his eyes, decided not to comply! To Diaspro's shock, the dog bit down on her shirt and tore it off her, exposing her undergarments which revealed much of her skin, just what Max wanted. He then immediately slurped away at Diaspro's now-exposed midriff with devilish playfulness as wads of his saliva landed on his lovely prisoner or the floor.


Max of course felt no remorse for what he did, as he only carelessly licked away all over her smooth body.

DIASPRO: HAHAHEEHAHA! What happened to 'not too far'?

When it comes to Max, there isn't a "too far". Max then moved behind the lovely but evil princess, and seeing as her dress exposed the skin on her back, he lodged his wet tongue into the small of her back and lapped away it a few times. He then noticed this strange girl had wings! Naturally, he wanted to know what they tasted like, so he lightly licked one of them, then, deciding they were very sweet, fervently licked every spoke on both wings until his slobber was dripping off of them, soaking them entirely.

DIASPRO: Ah! How am supposed to fly when my wings are covered in dog drool?

His tongue trailing slobber behind it, Max began licking away at every part of the Princess that he could reach!

Diaspro squirmed as she was tickled by Max's relentless tongue. Max's tail was wagging at the speed of light as he slobbered all over the spoiled but sweet-tasting girl.


Max moved his tongue down to Diaspro's long, skinny bare legs, slurping them from thighs to knees to ankles.


The shoes go off next, followed by big, thorough licks to the royal feet and wiggling toes.


Finally Max stopped and just stood by Diaspro, smiling and panting at her while she caught her breath.

DIASPRO: Good boy! Very good boy! 

Diaspro smiled and began petting Max happily. Her sentence here may not be so bad after all. Diaspro then looked at Max and grinned, with mischief in her eyes.

DIASPRO: You can give more of your fittingly royal kisses if you'd like! Hehe!

Max was all too willing to do that! And so, Max placed his paws onto Diaspro's chest and began licking away at her face, dragging his royally large tongue all the way up it over and over.

DIASPRO: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Such a good dog!