Crysta 11

A flash of blue light darts and flies across the rain-forest. It's Crysta, a teenage fairy with short black hair and nothing on but a ragged, two-piece red outfit. Hearing that there are humans encamped near Mt. Warning, the ever-curious fairy girl couldn't resist going to check it out for herself. Crysta finds a bush to hide in and peeks through, gazing in wide-eyed awe at the humans setting up camp. Suddenly she hears a loud barking sound and scrunches up her face in confusion as she notices a large, furry creature bounding around with the humans with his tongue lolling out. This is Max.

Max stops and gets a whiff of a new scent. He sniffs it in, nostrils flaring, before curiously sniffing the ground and following the strange scent toward the nearby bushes. Crysta's eyes widen in growing horror when she sees the animal coming straight toward her! "He smells me!" she realized, her wings becoming clammy with dread.

CRYSTA: Aaaayaaaayayaaaaaaaaaaahaha!

Crysta clumsily attempts to fly away from the bush, her arms and legs flailing around comically, but the large nose of the sheepdog presses through the leaves and right against Crysta's tiny body, sniffing in deeply, which makes Crysta shut her eyes and wince nervously. She really didn't want to be spotted. Then a huge wet tongue smacked right into her and licked her tiny body upward, slobber dripping from it, leaving her thoroughly drenched!


The teen fairy is stunned, looking down at her soaking wet body with a funny, wide-eyed look on her face.

CRYSTA: That was....strange.

Max then pokes his full head through the bush, smiling and panting at Crysta in greeting.

CRYSTA: WAH! Um...hi!

Crysta gives Max an awkward, dorky wave. This earns her another lick from the big dog, his tongue sliding upward across her entire body. While still a little grossed out, Crysta couldn't help but smile this time.

CRYSTA: Ha ha!  That's your way of being friendly, huh?

Max nods before slurping her up again and again. He really liked her, she reminded him so much of Ariel! Now Crysta was flat-out laughing, and she held out a hand in a pausing motion.

CRYSTA: Hahahahaha! OK, OK! Take it easy!

The sheepdog stopped and just panted as he looked at Crysta adoringly. Crysta grinned and placed a hand on her cheek as she looked back at the sheepdog.

CRYSTA: You really like me, huh?

Max nodded his head vigorously. He then thrusted forward and slurped her yet again, not able to get enough of her skin's exotically sweet taste.

CRYSTA: Ahahaha!  I like you too, boy! But I have to get going before any humans see me. See you later!

Max barked, understanding and allowing her to fly off after she gave him a cheery wave goodbye. He was pretty sure he'd see her again some day!