Upon being arrested after being thwarted in one of her many crimes, Charmcaster was detained in what was deemed a special prison. Once locked away, the teenage witch glanced around curiously at her wide, spacious surroundings, barred in by a high fence.

CHARMCASTER: Feh! Special, my butt! I'll be outta here in no time, just you see!

Sitting down on a cobblestone, Charmcaster took out her spellbook and began to read. But she didn't know that this room was Max's room at the kennel...and though he was a few miles away, the large sheepdog had already gotten a whiff of her! He sniffed the air several times, the wonderful scent of Charmcaster entering his nose and making him grin. He then immediately bounded off in her direction, barking loudly.

CHARMCASTER: Huh? What the-!?

She turned around just in time to meet with a pink slobbery blob as it hit her face.

CHARMCASTER: Blegh! Dog slobber!

She soon had a face dripping with slobber as she stared at the happily panting dog in front of her.

CHARMCASTER: You!? Aw man, I shoulda known....

She soon had the wind knocked out of her as the giant mound toppled over her to slurp her face some more, lathering more slobber on her face.


Max had run into her on multiple occassions, all of them following this treatment. He just could never get enough of the spunky witch's great-tasting skin!

CHARMCASTER: (Struggling to push him off) Cut that out already!

The happy sheepdog responded by loudly slurping at her hands.


She thrust her hands away, which allowed Max to lick her from chin to forehead!

CHARMCASTER: Hahahahahahahaha! Move!

Max's tongue plopped onto Charmcaster's left cheek, slowly, licking it upward.

CHARMCASTER: Pahahahahahahahahaha! Get off of me!

And then the dog licked the right cheek, lifting the skin on it upward as well, leaving a drool trail on it.

CHARMCASTER: Heheheheheheheheh! So wet!

Max's tail was wagging as he slurped and slurped his prisoner endlessly, making her laugh harder.


But Max was having far too much fun to think of this! He sunk his teeth into the witch's purple coat and tore the front open, then lifted up her shirt and began thrusting his tongue at her exposed midriff area.


Max's tongue took it's time moving up the skin of Charmcaster's midriff, leaving many slobbery trails behind.


Suddenly, the sheepdog jumped back up toward her face and gave a loud bark right in it before smothering it completely with his soaking wet tongue.

CHARMCASTER: Blech! D'aaahahahahahahahaha!

Max then just sat panting in Charmcaster's face, his hot breath helping to dry her face.

CHARMCASTER: Lemme up now, please?

Max barked, gave her a sloppy kiss on the chin, and then backed up to let her stand up.

CHARMCASTER: Geez, you mutt! It's like your tongue gets more and more slobbery every time!

Charmcaster rubs her cheek, her mouth forming into a grin as she did. Max, encouraged by this, jumped up and put his paws on her shoulders, knocking her back to the ground. He then proceeded to lick her face again and again.

CHARMCASTER: Pffft-Hahahahahahahaha!

Max then pulls off her boots and slobbers all over her tanned bare feet, making her cackle with hysteria.


Max then moves up to her pretty wiggling toes, slurping each and every one of them.


Max kept on licking and licking those piggies, with Charmcaster laughing herself to tears.


Max finally backs off. After catching her breath, Charmcaster snuggles up to the furry dog.

CHARMCASTER: Such a good boy! If I'm stuck here, I'm glad it's with you!

Max then gives her another hearty kiss, making her laugh even more.

CHARMCASTER: Tehahahahahaha! Thanks, boy!

Charmcaster then looked at her wand, when suddenly an idea popped into her head. She looked back at Max with a wide grin.

CHARMCASTER: Hey, Max, wanna play with some of my magic?

He thought it sounded like fun, and hopped around while barking happily.

CHARMCASTER: Hehe! Alrighty then, boy!

And so, Charmcaster waved her wand around, emitting a strange bluish glow. She then swung towards the floor and summoned a ball for Max to play with.

CHARMCASTER: How's that?

Max replied with placing his paws onto Charmcaster's shoulders and giving her cheek a round of sloppy licks.

CHARMCASTER: Heahahahahahahahahaha! OK, settle down!