Charmcaster was staying at Prince Eric's castle for a while, and had been left in a nice, comfortable room decorated to her liking.

CHARMCASTER: Ah, a nice start to my visit here. Except, something's missing...

She paced around the room, a hand on her cheek as she continued talking to herself.

CHARMCASTER: Who haven't I seen yet since I got here? Who oh who could it be?

And right on cue, loud barking and heavy footsteps could be heard coming down the hallway toward Charmcaster's room.

CHARMCASTER: (Fake gasp) Oh yeah, that's right! The mutt! Heheheheheheh!

Max burst through the door and immediately jumped up at Charmcaster, his tongue splatting against her cheek. Charmcaster grinned as she felt the warm slobber on her tan skin.