Charmcaster Licked
Gwen Tennyson, the red-headed 10 year-old magical superheroine, was facing off against her magical nemesis, the teenage silver-haired supervillainess Charmcaster, in battle on the streets one day.  

CHARMCASTER: Ready to cave in, princess?

GWEN: Not on your life, Charmcaster!

As they flung blue and purple magic back and forth at each other, Gwen recalled a spell she had once used against her cousin Ben to good effect, and hoped that it would work here too.

GWEN: Armarus Umspecta!

The spell hits Charmcaster, and a burst of magic energy spreads across the area.

CHARMCASTER: Wh-what did you just do!?

GWEN: Oh, you'll see.

Gwen smirks. A few miles away, the magic has an effect on Max, a big sheepdog who is exploring around.  The spell makes all nearby dogs fall in love with the target, and Max immediately sniffs the air and gets a whiff of Charmcaster. Panting like crazy, he begins bounding toward the source.


Charmcaster and Gwen hear the barking, and Charmcaster's eyes widen in realization.

CHARMCASTER: Armarus Umspectra! That's right, that's the one that makes dogs....!

And Max arrives, slobber flying from his tongue as it hangs out of his mouth, rushing toward Charmcaster. 


Panicking, Charmcaster begins running away. Gwen grins as Max comes closer and points to her fleeing foe.

GWEN: There she goes! Sic her, boy!


Charmcaster keeps running, with Max hot on her heels. Gwen levitates as she tries to keep up.

GWEN: That's it, boy! Go get her!  Go get the bad girl! Go fetch her! She tastes reeeeal good!  

Max, excited by Gwen's words, picks up speed. Charmcaster comes face to face with a high fence.  Desperate, she starts climbing it. Max comes and jumps up at the teenage witch, biting onto her coat tails.


The entire bottom half of her purple coat is ripped off, but she continues to climb regardless. Max keeps trying to jump upward, but to no avail. Then he hears a whistle. It's Gwen, who is gesturing him to follow her.

GWEN: C'mon, boy!  I know a shortcut!

Max goes over to Gwen and gives her a warm lick on the cheek. Gwen laughs and rubs Max's head before running and directing the dog where to go. Charmcaster climbs to the other side of the fence, finding herself in an alleyway.

CHARMCASTER:  Whew!  Safe....

Then she gasps when she hears barking. Max, with Gwen behind him, appears at the end of the alleyway, and immediately starts headed right toward the young villainess. 


She puts her hands in front of herself, but it does nothing to stop Max's momentum.


Charmcaster screams as Max leaps on her, pinning her to the ground. The next sight she sees is Max's large, pink tongue, oozing slobber, come flying at her. It hits her right on the cheek and slowly lifts her skin up as it moves upward, leaving a trail of wetness behind. Then he does it again. And again and again!  


Charmcaster turns and tries pushing Max off.

CHARMCASTER: G-get off me, dog breath!

But Max just bears down harder and starts licking her entire face from chin to forehead multiple times without stop, drenching Charmcaster in dog slobber. No matter how much Charmcaster screams or groans, Max keeps on assaulting her with his merciless tongue. Gwen just sits back and watches, enjoying it all.

GWEN: Aw, Charmcaster's made a new friend! Ha ha! 

Charmcaster finally manages to sputter out some magic words to reverse the spell.

CHARMCASTER: S-Suramra Atcepsmu!

The spell is reversed.  Max stops licking Charmcaster for a moment. Then he smiles and starts panting in her face before he starts licking it all over again happily.

CHARMCASTER: What the Hell!? The spell's been reversed! You mean you still like me anyway?

Max nods his head before giving her a sloppy lick right across her purple lips.


GWEN: Guess you're not as bad as you think you are, Charmcaster! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Before Gwen could react, Max pounced down on her, giving her the same treatment Charmcaster had just recieved, slobbering all over her.

GWEN: Hehehehehehehe! That's a good boy!

Charmcaster, putting a hand to her wet cheek, began laughing.

CHARMCASTER: He really must like magical girls! Hahaha!

Gwen manages to wrestle Max off her and places a hand on her dog-drooled face, laughing along with her rival.

GWEN: It looks like he does! Hee hee hee!

Max then takes turns with each girl, taking in their tastes before switching them, eventually getting both at the same time.  The two girls ultimately end up flopped on the ground, back to back, laughing in unison.

CHARMCASTER: This dog has just won a place in my heart! Hahahaha!

GWEN: Same here!  He practically deserves it, too!

Max, touched by their kind words, lets out a happy bark before picking up the pace with his treatment on both girls.

CHARMCASTER: So, hahahah, truce while we get this dog back to his home? Heheheheheheh!

GWEN: You got it, Charmcaster!

The two rivals shake hands on it. The large sheepdog licks at their conjoined hands, happy to have made two new friends today.  Gwen and Charmcaster look at their soaking wet hands before breaking out into laughter again.

CHARMCASTER: Can't believe it, but I think I'm gonna miss this dumb, lovable mutt! Hahaha!

GWEN: Same here! Heeheehee!

But it wouldn't be the last either of them saw of Max, not by a long shot!