Asuka Max
 Max is at a pool party, having been brought there by his master Prince Eric.  While Eric socializes with other guests, Max just bounds around, barking and having a good time.  As he nears a certain side of the pool, he catches a nice, meaty human scent in the air, nostrils flaring as he sniffs it in.  Turning his head where his nose directs him, Max spots a very pretty teenage redheaded girl in a slip of a yellow dress lounging around on a longue chair.

It is Asuka Langley Soryu, who is lying flat on her back in the longue chair and looking up at a handheld video game that she's holding up.  Max begins panting excitedly as he runs on over to her.

MAX: Woof! 

Max puts his front paws on Asuka's chair, and Asuka immediately shoots a glare at him.

ASUKA: Go away, mutt!  I'm busy!

Max leans his head closer to Asuka, panting heavily, breathing dog breath in her face, which gets the Japanese/German-American flustered.  She puts down the game and tries to push the sheepdog away.

ASUKA: I....said....go away!

Slurp!  Max gives Asuka a wet lick across her hand.  The tsundere is appalled.

ASUKA: Ach! Pfui! Hundeschlabber!

Max smiles as he smacks his lips before panting at Asuka again, clearly liking how she tastes.  Asuka wipes her hand on her dress and then glares at Max, hoping that it will frighten him off.

MAX: Woof woof!

Suddenly, Max jumps at Asuka, placing his front paws on her shoulders.  With drool flying everywhere, the dog slams his tongue down on Asuka's cheek and lifts it up as he gives her a big, slobbery lick.  When it's done, Asuka's face breaks out into a smile and the girl starts to laugh as she puts a hand to her cheek.

ASUKA: Ah ha ha ha!  Well, at least you've got good taste.....or is that me?

Max responds by licking Asuka from chin to forehead.  She's the one with good taste, of course!  Asuka laughs again at this slobbery kiss and begins running her hands through Max's furry head.

ASUKA: Y'know, you're not half-bad, mutt!

MAX: Woof! 

Max licks Asuka on her bare shoulders, making her giggle.

ASUKA: Immer sachte, immer sachte!

Max then looks down, seeing Asuka's bare feet, which he wastes no time in giving the treatment to.

ASUKA: Hahahahahahaha! Es kitzelt! 

Asuka's toes wiggle in delight while she scratches Max behind the ears playfully.  Max then decides to let her breathe, which she does while slobber oozes down her from head to toe.

ASUKA: Mein God, you're a slobbery one, aren'cha?  Heh!

Max barks a yes towards her, then continues dousing her in slobbery dog-kisses.

ASUKA: Hahahahaha! H-heel, boy, heel!

Max slows down his licks, taking time to take in more of Asuka's taste.

ASUKA: Good, huh? I'm the best of Germany, America, and Japan!

Max wags his tail happily at this thought before continuing his slobbery assault. Asuka laughs and turns to her side, her body shaking in amusement. Max then licks her face some more, really soaking her.

ASUKA: Ha!  I think I need a wash in the pool now!  Wanna come with me, mutt?

Max barks, then walks over to the pool with Asuka.  Both the girl and the dog dive in, making a big splash.

ASUKA: Aaaaah! Wie erfrischend, ha ha!

Max dog-paddles over to her, sloppily kissing her some more.  Asuka winks at Max as her cheeks are licked.

ASUKA: Nothing like a pool party; huh, boy?

Max agrees whole-heartedly with the girl before having a good time with her for the rest of the party.