Ariel Beach Lick New
Max is walking alongside his master, Prince Eric, on the beach one morning when suddenly a familiar scent drifts through the air.  Max stops and sniffs the wind, the fur over his eyes raising in surprise.  Miles away down the beach, Ariel , who has been given legs in exchange for her voice, is getting dressed in an old sail.  Max begins panting and barking loudly, running past his master.

ERIC: Max?  Huh?  What?

Max runs back to Eric and starts jumping around, barking and trying to tell him to follow behind, since he knows he's been looking for Ariel, the girl who saved his life.  Then the big sheepdog turns and bounds off at high-speed down the beach.  Alarmed, Eric chases after him.

ERIC: Maaaaaaaax!

Meanwhile, Scuttle the seagull gives a wolf-whistle at Ariel.  

SCUTTLE: You look great, kid.  You look sensational!

Ariel, dressed in the shabby sail, smiles and wraps her arms in her hair as she strikes a sexy pose as she thinks:

ARIEL: I've never felt more beautiful!

Just then, loud barking is heard.  Ariel is shocked and turns to see Max appear from around a corner, bounding down the dunes, panting excitedly when he sees Ariel, who may no longer have the fish tail but he can still tell is the same by her fishy scent.  He continues to run straight toward her.

Ariel immediately recognizes the dog, as a smile grows on her face.

ARIEL: Max! This is his dog, Max!

She grins and gives Max a dorky little wave.  Max jumps up at her when he reaches her, slobber dripping from his tongue as he licks her right in the face.  This big, slobbery lick immediately makes Ariel break into a huge grin.  She giggles as she turns her head away and brushes the hair out of her face before putting a hand to her wet cheek as she grins fondly at Max, who licks his lips at the taste of her skin.

ARIEL: Awww, shucks!  I'm glad to see you too, boy! Hehe! Good dog!

Max bends down and starts sniffing Ariel's new legs, causing Ariel to giggle.  

ARIEL: Hehehe! My new legs! You like 'em?  I just got 'em!  Neat, huh?

Ariel lifts her dress up a little to show the dog her long legs in full.  Max then licks both legs from toes to thigh, causing Ariel to throw back her head with silent laughter.

ARIEL: C-cut that out! Ha ha!


Max jumps at Ariel again and knocks her down to the sand before licking her all over her face and shoulders, with the red-haired teenager laughing like mad as he did. The wetness from his tongue tickled her so much!

ARIEL: Hahahahahahahaha! Eeeheeheehee!

The dog soon leans down to her feet and begins licking her bare soles, making the silent laughter intensify and Ariel's toes wiggle in reaction, which only makes Max lick each and every one of them.

ARIEL: Ma-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaax!

Max's tongue presses against the soles of Ariel's feet and takes it's time lifting upward, trailing slobber behind and making Ariel laugh so hard that tears welled up in her eyes.


Lifting herself off the ground, Ariel walks over to a boulder and positions herself on it to catch her breath as she continues to laugh. Max trots over and puts his front paws on the rock, lifting himself up to Ariel's level and breathing hot breath in her face as he pants happily.

ARIEL: You're such a good boy, Max!

Ariel smiles and leans her face toward Max, allowing the dog to start licking her cheek again. This slobbering goes on until Eric's voice is heard.

ERIC: Max!

Max immediately bounds away toward him, leaving Ariel, now holding her cheek, looking surprised.

ARIEL: Hehe! I can't wait to see him again!