Ariel Ship Lick Old

Ariel swims up to the side of the ship and climbs up with all the strength she can muster.  The red-headed, teenage mermaid slowly puts her fingers on a low windowstill and lifts her head up to peek through to the ship's deck.  Her eyes widen in innocent fascination as she watches the humans on board dancing and having a good time.

Max is barking loudly as he happily jumps around on the deck and dances around the sailors' feet. He eventually stops and pants, his tongue lolling out of his mouth.  Then he suddenly jerks his head up as a strange, new scent enters his nose.  His nostrils flare up as he sniffs the air, taking in this strange, semi-human but semi-fishy smell. The big sheepdog is intrigued; what could it be?  He presses his nose to the floor of the deck and starts taking in deep sniffs, walking along as he follows the scent as it gets stronger, meaning he is close to the source.

Ariel watches the dog walk around sniffing the ground with great interest until she realizes that he's coming closer and closer to the window she's looking through! She's what he's smelling!  


With a sharp gasp, the mermaid pushes herself away from the window and presses her back against the side of the ship, hoping to stay downwind from the dog.  Her eyes are wide with fright and her heart is beating in her chest.  But after a second, she takes a deep breath and then bites her lip nervously as she glances to the side.  She just can't resist her curiosity in what this creature is.  Eyes still wide and mouth now agape, Ariel slowly leans back toward the window...and comes face to face with Max.

Max, seeing that the source of the smell is a beautiful fish-tailed girl, gets a big grin on his face.  As Ariel turns to face him, he begins panting loud and hard, his tongue hanging out of his mouth as he breathes hot breath into Ariel's face.  Ariel presses her nose against Max's, still staring at him in wide-eyed, open-mouthed fascination. She's so close to him that Max naturally assumes she wants a kiss.  And since he loves her already, smelling that she has a wonderfuly spunky personality, he's more than happy to give one to her!

His tongue oozing slobber, Max thrusts his head forward and gives Ariel a friendly lick on the cheek.  Ariel closes her eyes, krinkles her nose and grimaces at the sudden wet sensation on her cheek as Max's big tongue lifts it up. The dog's slobbery tongue sweeps across the girl's cheek and makes a loud "smack!" sound when it's done, drool flying everywhere from it as it retracts back into Max's mouth.  Max looks at Ariel and smiles at her fondly, while Ariel lowers her head and looks a little grossed out.  A whistle is then heard.

ERIC: Max! Here, boy!

Max turns around to look at his master and happily bounds toward him, away from the window.  When he's gone, Ariel slowly puts her fingers back on the sides of the window and peers back to the deck with an open-mouthed look of astonishment on her face.  Slowly realizing that she liked this little encounter, Ariel gets a goofy smile of delight on her face as she rubs her wet cheek.