Alex max
Alex, a clumsy and ditzy teenage super-spy, hears about the kennel one day at school. Being a huge animal lover, she volunteers to sign on to play with a dog in his room. She chooses the one named Max and walks right in.

ALEX: Hello? (Whistles) Max? Y'here, boy?

Alex suddenly feels warm breath on her shoulder and looks up to see Max crouched on a low ledge behind her, panting and grinning at her in a friendly manner. Alex returns the grin and moves closer until she's face to face with the giant sheepdog.

ALEX: Oh hey, there you are! I'm Alex! Glad to meet ya!

Max responds by slapping his tongue down on Alex's cheek and lifting it up, slobber spraying everywhere as the tomboyish spy girl is licked. Alex giggles like crazy and rubs her cheek as she looks back at Max.

ALEX: Hee hee hee! Wow, we're hitting it off right away, huh?

Max answers with yet another sloppy slurp.

ALEX: I'll take that as a yes, heehee!

She then holds up her hand to Max eagerly, which he also gives a slobbery kiss to.

ALEX: Haha! Good boy! Such a good boy!

MAX: Woof woof!

The sheepdog jumps from the ledge, right onto Alex! His tongue lolled out as he panted in her face happily.

ALEX: Take it easy, big fella!

Max licked Alex from her lips to her forehead in response.

ALEX: Heeheeheeheehahahahahahahahahaha! So cute! And so lovable!

This gets her an even bigger, wetter lick across the face.

ALEX: Hahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahaha!

The sheepdog's slobbery tongue than moved down to her bare shoulders, slurping at them vigorously, dousing them in loving slobber.

ALEX: Wah! Wahahahahahahaha! I love you too!

Glad to hear this, Max began sloppily licking Alex's exposed midriff, which started to tickle her.

ALEX: Eeeheeheeheeeee! Mahahahahahaaax! I'm ticklish!

Max playfully started licking her midriff even slower after hearing this.


Max then licked down her long legs, all the way to her sandled feet. Alex squealed loudly when this happened!


The excited sheepdog began licking every part of Alex's delicious skin he could, his tongue slurping all over her laughing, twitching body.


Soon Max backed up, leaving Alex a sopping wet, giggling mess.  She reached up and petted the dog's head fondly.

ALEX: Your a funny doggie, Max!

MAX: Woof woof! (Panting)

They stayed like this for quite a while, until Max let Alex up.  She gave the dog a wink.

ALEX: I'll be sure to come see you again, boy! You can count on it!

Max gave a happy bark goodbye to his newest visitor.