Kairi Giggling
It was a beautiful afternoon on Destiny Islands. Kairi, local 15-year old beauty, was playing with Pluto, who had presently bowled her over and was licking her face repeatedly as she squirmed and giggled under the weight of his body.

"OK, OK, boy, easy now, easy!" Kairi chuckled as Pluto gave one of her cheeks a great big lick, lifting the skin up before slurping it off in a spray of drool. She gently pushed Pluto away. Standing up, Kairi looked at Pluto and winked as she said "Stay here, Pluto! I gotta prepare something, it's a surprise, understand?" Pluto barked, panted and wagged his tail as he nodded his head. Kairi walked to a nearby beach towel rack and dried herself off. "Now, let's see if this works..." she said to herself, and she closed her eyes and began to concentrate on channeling the power of her heart.

As a Princess of Heart, the power of the light in Kairi's heart was very great. It engulfed her, shining brightly. When it subsided, Kairi was a foot shorter and an age younger! Her hair was now cropped short and boyish, and she was wearing a small white overshirt over a black undershirt and purple shorts. Giggling at her success as she looked at her knobby knees, Kairi smiled and put her fingers in her mouth. She let out a loud whistle and called "Pluto! Here, boy!"

Pluto was on her immediately, his tongue splatting against her cheek and lifting it up as Pluto tackled Kairi to the ground. Kairi grunted as she hit the ground, but any pain from the landing was forgotten as Pluto's tongue busily went to work again, slathering her cheeks over and over again, each time lifting them up as Pluto covered Kairi's face in slobber. Kairi giggled energetically as she turned her head from side to side, trying to escape Pluto's tongue for any length of time even as she loved every minute of Pluto's kissing. 

Briefly being able to push Pluto aside, Kairi rubbed her face and then grinned up at him. "I see you like my surprise!" the redhead giggled, "It's a younger face but just as sweet!" Tilting her head upward, Kairi placed a finger on her chin and said "And I'm even more of a tomboy at this age, so I don't mind a little rough play! Hee!"

Pluto accepted this invitation by way of slapping his giant tongue onto Kairi's chin, dragging it up her face to her forehead. Kairi squealed as Pluto's tongue slurped off of her face, only for the noise to be cut off as Pluto repeated the motion over and over, his tongue sliding up Kairi's face again and again. Kairi futilely held onto Pluto's shoulders, only for him to shove his way closer to her, the thick pink tongue repeatedly licking her cheeks, lifting the skin up. 

Then Kairi, ready to take this playtime to another level, did a backflip and was able to get to her feet once more. Grinning and giggling like crazy, she turned and began running as fast her skinny legs could take her. She didn't bother looking behind her, she could already hear the panting dog chasing after her.

Fortunately for Pluto, the chase didn't last long. Kairi's magical youth also meant shorter legs, which meant that she couldn't move as fast as him. As Kairi ran over the top of a sand dune she looked back only to see Pluto jump off of a spar of rock, lunging at her. Kairi gave a delighted squeal right before Pluto's thick pink tongue plastered itself across her entire face, all four of his legs wrapping around her body. Kairi couldn't hold Pluto's added weight and the pair went tumbling as Pluto's tongue slurped off of Kairi's face. The pair rolled over and over again in a cloud of sand, only Pluto's tan coat and flashes of his big tongue visible as he licked Kairi's face over and over.

Kairi could only see two things as she rolled: she could see the sand swirling around the pair as they rolled, and she could see and feel Pluto's tongue as it slapped against her face again and again. When they finally rolled to a stop at the bottom of the dune, Pluto was on top and Kairi flat on her back. Kairi, giggling with her face covered in sand, barely had time to catch her breath before Pluto's tongue began giving her long, slow licks from chin to hairline. Kairi giggled each time the tongue slurped off of her forehead, the licks eventually moving to her cheeks and lifting them up with each lick. Kairi scratched Pluto's cheeks as he continued licking her, the dog's tail wagging energetically.

After a while, Pluto stopped to give Kairi some breathing room. Her face was completely soaked with slobber and she kept her eyes shut as she laughed to herself while Pluto panted his warm dog breath on her. Suddenly, without warning, Pluto's tongue swiped across her shoulder, drenching it. He then repeated the motion to the other shoulder, causing Kairi's body to jerk a little as she opened her eyes up wide. "You aren't done with me, are you?" the redheaded tomboy chuckled. Pluto shook his head, slobber flying from his still exposed tongue and splattering all over Kairi as he did. When it came to this girl, he was never truly done!

Kairi then felt the wetness of Pluto's big pink towel of a tongue on her bare midriff area. This tickled her, and the more Pluto kept licking her the louder and more boisterous her laughter became. It got to the point where she started kicking her legs in the air, her shoes flying from her bare feet when she picked up speed. Before she knew it, Pluto was licking her pale soles, his tongue slurping all the way up to her madly wiggling toes. Kairi was now laughing so hard that tears welled up in her blue eyes. This was just too much!

When Kairi jerked her feet away from Pluto, the excited dog turned his attention to her scrawny legs instead, sniffing at them with playful delight before slapping his tongue down on her knees and licking them repeatedly. Kairi's smile seemed to widen with each slurp her knees received, until she wrapped her arms around Pluto and snuggled up with him, saying "Good boy! Such a good boy!", making the dog pant even harder and louder.

As Kairi hugged him and rubbed her head against his, the opportunity was too good for Pluto to resist. He moved his head towards her and swung his big pink tongue out again, slapping it against Kairi's cheek and lifting it up high enough that it forced one of Kairi's eyes shut and actually tilted Kairi's head to the side. Kairi giggled in delight as Pluto's tongue slurped off of her face, turning her head towards him just in time for Pluto's tongue to drape itself across her whole face and slurp off of it from chin to forehead. As it slurped off again Kairi fell onto her back, and before she knew it Pluto was on top of her, his tongue working busily as he energetically licked her cheeks and face. Her cheeks were lifted up again and again as she turned her head from side to side trying to avoid them, and from time to time her giggling would be smothered under Pluto's thick tongue as it plastered itself across her whole face, licking her from chin to forehead repeatedly before he went back to her cheeks. Kairi decided to stop struggling and just let it happen and laid still, continuing to giggle as Pluto's tongue continued to lick her cheeks, the pair laying together for hours on end as Pluto couldn't get enough of her, and she couldn't get enough of him!

Finally, Pluto backed off, leaving Kairi laughing and gasping for breath in turns as she lay in a puddle of slobber. Wet drops were dripping from her hair, ears, nose, chin, fingers and feet, and she wore the biggest grin possible on her pretty face. "Aw, Pluto!" she chuckled, putting a hand to her mouth, "You sure know how to make the best of a good thing when you got it! Heehee!" 

Pluto smiled, his tail wagging furiously as he dove onto Kairi again, slapping his tongue onto her cheek. "Aw shucks, Pluto!" Kairi squealed as Pluto knocked her onto her back, his tongue licking her cheeks again and again. They stayed like that for hours, Kairi's legs kicking in the air as Pluto's tongue lifted her cheeks into the air again and again.