Finally finished counting in his head, Pluto barked, whirled around, and put his nose to the floor. The big yellow dog was at his home of Disney Castle, and he was very excited. Today his best human friend, Kairi, had invited several other girls over for a party: Namine, Aqua, Larxene, Yuffie Kisaragi, Aerith Gainsborough, Olette, and the pixie trio of Yuna, Rikku, and Paine. During their party, Yuffie had brought up a run-in she'd had with Pluto a while back in Traverse Town, and how she never stood a chance of escaping him as he'd followed her scent. Larxene had retorted that it was probably just because Yuffie stinks, and had nothing to do with how good Pluto's sense of smell was.

Kairi, being the mischevious type, then proposed a game to put Pluto's nose to the test: hide and seek. All the girls would hide throughout the castle while Pluto counted to one-hundred, and then the dog would have to sniff them all out. If he didn't find a girl by the time precisely one hour and a half was up, then that girl was the winner. But Pluto was determinned to find all ten girls and be the winner. And he also knew exactly what he was going to do to each of them once he'd tracked them down.....panting heavily in anticipation, Pluto continued sniffing all around the castle.

As his nose moved along the carpet of one of the rooms, he picked up a scent leftover from footprints. He continued sniffing in the direction the footprints were headed, the scent growing stronger as he did. It was the scent of a nice, warm summer day, with a sprinkling of seasalt. Pluto grinned; it was the scent of Olette! Sniffing in deeply, Pluto smelled her behind a large couch at the edge of the room. Barking, the energetic dog raced over to the spot.

"Gyaaaaah!" Olette cried, startled, as Pluto appeared. The teenage brunette from Twilight Town had been crouching behind the couch in hopes that the dog wouldn't find her, but her efforts were in vain. Tail wagging like crazy, Pluto jumped on the orange-clad girl and before she knew it, Olette had the dog's big, slobbering tonuge licking her face. The tickling had begun!

Olette giggled as Pluto licked her cheek. "OK, boy, you found me! C-Cut it out!" But Pluto continued to lick her, and soon her giggling gave way to laughter.


Pluto licked her neck and the exposed top of her chest, tickling her further.


Olette feebly attempted to push Pluto away, but Pluto responded by licking her bare arms and hands, prompting more laughter.


The dog knelt down and began licking Olette's baggy pants, his wet tongue tickling her through the fabric. Tears welled up in the girl's eyes as she laughed hysterically.


Suddenly tears weren't the only wetness on Olette's face as her vision was once again obscured by Pluto's giant pink tongue. The huge mass of pink enveloped her entire face back to her ears, muffling her squeal of delight even as Pluto slurped his tongue off of her face in a spray of saliva. Olette continued giggling as Pluto swung his tongue up against her cheek, the thick pink towel splatting noisily onto her cheek and lifting it up as Olette's eye was closed by the tongue and her head was tilted to the side. Pluto slurped his tongue off of her cheek then repeated the process on the other one, Olette's head being tilted from side to side as Pluto went back and forth from cheek to cheek until Olette's face was covered in drool.

Soon, Pluto had finally had enough, and backed away from Olette, who lay on the floor giggling. Brushing hair out of her face and putting a hand to her cheek, Olette sat up and smiled at the yellow dog who stood panting at her. "Good job, boy!" she said cheerfully, "Now go on and find the others! I don't wanna be the only girl here to lose!" Pluto barked and nodded his head before running off further into the castle to continue the game.

Olette hadn't been very smart when it came to hiding, but Aerith was a different matter entirely. The beautiful 22-year old girl knew that she smelled of flowers, and had thus chosen to hide in the castle's rosary gardens. Peering out from behind a flower bush, she saw Pluto enter the area, sniffing all around. "All right, Pluto," Aerith thought to herself playfully, "Show me what that nose of your's can do!"

Pluto's nostrils filled with the scents of many flowers, but the dog could tell that one of them was a human scent. Sniffing in deeply, he forced all other scents out of his canine mind and focused solely on the human one. After a few seconds, he pinpointed it's location! With a triumphant bark, he bounded toward the flower bush and jumped over it, landing and coming face to face with Aerith, who was grinning and clapping her hands.

Pluto smiled at the applause and his tail began wagging furiously. Putting his paws on Aerith's chest, he jumped up and gave her a friendly lick. Aerith chuckled and said "Aw, you're happy to see me, aren't you, boy?" Pluto panted out a "Yeahyeahyeah!" and gave her another lick; the force of this one knocking Aerith to the ground. Pouncing upon her, Pluto began dousing her face in slobbery licks. Aerith began laughing out loud.


The dog's tongue slapped down upon Aerith's bare shoulders and washed across them, giving her an even greater feeling of ticklishness.


Noticing Aerith's legs kicking from the ticklishness, Pluto began licking them as well.


Pluto soon resumed licking Aerith's face, savoring the sweet girl's taste as her lovely body started twitching out of being tickled so much.


Aerith continued to giggle even as Pluto repeatedly licked her from chin to forehead, each slurp covering Aerith's entire face in a sloppy pink towel and throwing saliva everywhere. As Aerith's body began to twitch more and more Pluto planted himself firmly on top of her, his head swinging back and forth like a pendulum as his tongue began slapping Aerith's cheeks, each lick connecting with a loud smack as it knocked Aerith's head from side to side and rolled up her cheeks. 

When Pluto was done, he gave Aerith one last wet lick in the face before running off back into the castle, leaving the flower girl lying there on the ground, laughing and gradually recovering from the tickling session she'd gone through.

As Pluto put his nose to the castle floors and sniffed around, he eventually picked up a very good, very familiar scent. It was Kairi's scent! Tongue lolling out and panting in anticipation, Pluto began rushing further down the halls toward the scent's source. As the scent grew stronger, Pluto came to a stop. wasn't Kairi's scent after all. It was almost identical, but there was a difference. Pluto sat there, puzzled, until it hit him. Namine! Grinning from ear to ear, Pluto continued to rush toward the source of the Nobody's scent.

The dog entered a room where a large table sat in the center, with a curtain draped over it. Sticking out from the bottom of the curtain were two sandled feet. Pluto gave both feet a lick, prompting a stratled squeak to come from behind the curtain. Jumping up, Pluto bit onto the curtain and yanked it off the table, exposing Namine.

The blond girl in the white dress attempted to run away, but this wasn't easy when wearing sandals, and Pluto easily caught up to her. With a bark, he jumped at Namine and felled her to the ground, and then wasted no time in slobbering all over her.


Pluto's tongue covered Namine's face and lifted up her cheek, leaving a trail of drool behind.


Pluto lowered his head and began licking the girl's chin, which proved an even more ticklish spot.


The little Nobody grabbed ahold of Pluto's face in attempt to stop him, but Pluto began slurping her hands, forcing her to laugh and let go.


For a moment, Pluto stopped to pant and lick his lips. Namine tasted almost as good as Kairi....fitting, since the two were seperate halves of the same being. He couldn't seem to get enough of her, and he soon continued licking her, causing her eyes to tear up as she laughed her head off.


Pluto's big tongue slapped against Namine's cheek and dragged up her face as she giggled, shoving Namine's eye shut as Pluto's tongue dragged her cheek upwards along with it. As his tongue left her face Namine kept giggling, not stopping as Pluto's tongue slapped onto her other cheek and repeated the process. Each lick left a trail of drool going up her cheek, and Namine was powerless to stop it as Pluto swiped his tongue across her face over and over again.

It's unknown just how long Pluto stayed with Namine, but he eventually stopped when a whistle suddenly was heard in a room further down the hall. Perking up his ears, Pluto barked and ran down the hall toward the source of the whistle. Namine picked herself off the floor, soaking wet, and watched the dog leave with a fond smile on her face.

Pluto thundered into the area of the castle where he had heard the whistle. Floating in the air was Rikku, a playful grin on her face. She whistled to Pluto again and waved the dog forward. "Catch me if you can! Hee hee!" the spunky fairy giggled and she started to fly away, hoping that the dog wouldn't be able to catch up.

Pluto chased her around the room, barking and attempting to bite on to the back of her scarf, which served as her wings. In trying to avoid him, Rikku lost her concentration and before she knew it, she bumped against the room's chandelier. The dizzy pixie fell to the ground and when she came to her senses, Pluto loomed large over her.

SLURRRRRRRRRP! Pluto's tongue covered Rikku's entire little body as it licked her. "Yuuuuuuuuuck!" Rikku whined; she was dripping wet with dog slobber. Before she could stop it, Pluto's tongue slapped onto her again, this time taking slow as it moved up her side. It tickled alot, and Rikku couldn't help but burst out laughing.


Pluto panted and wagged his tail, then lowered his head so that his nose pressed up against Rikku. He began sniffing her over with interest, taking in her yummy smell, his snuffling nose tickling the pixie too.


At close range, he began licking her face, which prompted tears of ticklishness to form in her big green eyes.


Pluto's tongue then moved down toward her bare midriff, licking it non-stop. Rikku couldn't take it anymore, and she cried out for help.


Just then, a voice behind Pluto yelled out "Hey, Pluto!" The dog turned around and saw Yuna floating behind him. "C'mon, boy!" she called, "Try to catch me now!" Barking in agreement, Pluto ran after Yuna, who tried her best to get away. But eventually Pluto was able to get close behind her and lick her backside, the force of his tongue knocking her to the ground.

SLURRRRRRRRP! Pluto began licking Yuna all over; her arms, legs, face, and bare midriff. Yuna began laughing her head off.


The fairy began kicking her legs in the air widly as she giggled, making Pluto lick her even more, which of course caused her to laugh even more.


Moist dog saliva covered Yuna as the big tongue pressed down upon her tiny form.


In response to Yuna's cry, another voice called out to Pluto from behind. It was Paine, the last of the fairy trio. Pluto walked over to her, panting, and the gothic pixie rolled her eyes and sighed. "Just get it over with, OK?" she told the dog dryly. Pluto was more than happy to accomodate her.

SLURRRRRRRRRP! The dog's tongue washed across Paine's body, and her face began twitching, trying to hold back a smile. But Pluto licked her again and again until finally she cracked, smiling and laughing like her friends had.


Pluto continued to lick her face, slobbering into her hair in the process.


Paine began pounding her fists on the ground as her body shook with laughter.


Yuna and Rikku flitted over to each side of Paine and attempted to rescue her from the overexcited dog. But Pluto, knowing a great chance when he saw one, swung his tongue down and licked all three fairies at the same time. Yuna, Rikku, and Paine plopped to the ground and they all laughed in unison.


Pluto continued slurping at the pixies, loving taking in their combined, delicious tastes. When he finally finished, all three girls were lying in a puddle of dog slobber, twitching and giggling like crazy. Barking a goodbye to them, Pluto then left the area.

Larxene had positioned herself high up toward the ceiling of a room, holding on by the edge of a dagger she had plunged into the wall. At this high elevation, she figured that the King's dumb mutt would never be able to smell her out! She was feeling quite cocky until she heard loud barking below her. Gasping, she looked down to see Pluto, who was panting up a storm as he looked at her.

"Shoo! Go away!" Larxene hissed. Pluto began barking and jumping up and down at Larxene, biting at her heels playfully. Finally, his teeth caught the hem of her robe and he was able to pull her loose from her hold on the dagger. "NO!" the evil blonde cried, and she fell flat on the ground, with Pluto looming over her.

Before she could do anything, Larxene felt Pluto's massive tongue press down hard on her cheek.  It lifted it up with agonizing slowless, forcing Larxene's eye shut as her skin overtook it. SLURP! A shower of slobber rained down on Larxene, making her cry "Eeeeeeeeeew!" 

Pluto licked his lips.  Larxene was very spicy and tart, but it was still a good flavor, and he wanted more!  His licks came more rapidly, splatting up Larxene's cheeks over and over again, with the villainess screaming her head off and trying to force the dog off her to no avail.


At one point, Pluto's slobbering tongue slapped down on Larxene's chin and dragged up it several times before covering her entire face in one great swipe.


Then the dog bit down on Larxene's pants and lifted them down, exposing her long bare legs.  Larxene gasped in horror as Pluto began to lick up and down from her ankles to her thighs, sending her into a convulsion of laughter.


Eventually, the ticklishness was enough to render Larxene unconscious.  After one last lick to her sleeping face, Pluto bounded off.

His nose sniffing in deeper than before, Pluto caught wind of a delightful and strong scent, the scent that had started this whole thing...Yuffie's!  Panting loudly, Pluto put his nose into overdrive.  SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF!  

Finally, the dog's nose pointed directly at a large cabinet door. Bounding forward, Pluto opened the door with his teeth and exposed the teenage ninja girl crouched inside it.  "Ack!" Yuffie cried, but before she could say anything more a slobbery tongue had slapped down on her mouth and lifted all the way up to her forehead.

Yuffie's head snapped backwards as Pluto's giant tongue slurped off of her forehead, spraying drool across the back of the cabinet while Yuffie collapsed against the back of the cabinet. Yuffie wiped her face as she giggled, looking up at Pluto. "Hehehe...I guess you found me, Pluto!"

Pluto barked happily before lunging into the cabinet. Yuffie squealed in delight as a massive pink pillow slapped onto her chin, tilting her head back and pushing all the skin on Yuffie's chin in front of it. Yuffie's head kept tilting backward until Pluto's giant tongue slurped off of her chin, throwing Yuffi's head back and sending another spray of drool through the cabinet. Yuffie's giggles were stifled when once again Pluto's tongue slapped onto her face, slowly dragging from her chin to her forehead. Yuffie's head once again flew backwards in a spray of drool, Pluto planting his paws firmly on her shoulders. Yuffie couldn't move her arms to wipe her face again, and instead grinned up at Pluto. "Looks like I'm really caught now!"

Pluto nodded happily before dipping his head towards Yuffie. The thief gave another happy squeal as she felt Pluto's big tongue slap onto her cheek, squishing her eye shut as Pluto's tongue lifted the skin on her cheek. The cabinet was filled with the sound of slurping and Yuffie's laughter as Pluto gave her face a thorough licking, slurping her cheeks again and again each time lifting the skin up and forcing an eye shut. At one point Pluto plastered his tongue across Yuffie's cheek with such force that her other cheek was smushed against the back of the cabinet, the eye on her licked cheek just barely open and watching Pluto even as her other cheek being squished forced her eye on that side to shut. Eventually Yuffie had been slobbered on to Pluto's satisfaction, and he took his paws off of her shoulder and smiled at the still-giggling thief.

Leaving Yuffie to continue laughing between deep breaths, Pluto went out to the castle moat.  At once he began sniffing the water and could smell Aqua submerged underneath.  The yellow dog waited patiently until at last the beautiful Keyblade Master surfaced.  Coughing and sputtering, she climbed onto the grassy land and was met with Pluto's tongue on her already soaked cheek.

Pluto's big tongue lifted Aqua's cheek up high enough that it forced one of Aqua's eyes shut, the canine not minding the extra wetness as Aqua turned her entire face to him just in time to catch a great big full-face lick from chin to forehead that saw spit and water fly off of her forehead, throwing her head back and knocking her on her back. She only had time to look up before Pluto's tongue pasted itself to her face again, knocking her to the ground before it slurped off of her forehead in a great shower of drool. Aqua could do little but laugh as Pluto's tongue left her face and began to lick her cheeks, slobbering all over them and with each lick lifting them up with his tongue. Finally, Pluto backed off and ran, Aqua smiling and rubbing her cheeks behind him. He couldn't sit around and play with one girl forever...he still had to find Kairi!

With only five minutes left, Pluto ran all around the castle, sniffing furiously until he finally came across the smell he was seeking, the best smell in the world.  It was the smell of Kairi's luscious skin, and Pluto gave a loud howl before following it.  In the room she was hiding in, Kairi could hear Pluto's paws thundering closer and closer.  Unable to resist, Kairi put her fingers in her mouth and whistled.  This led the excited, barking mutt straight to her!

"Here I am, Pluto! You found me, boy!"

Pluto gave a joyful howl as he ran into the room and leapt into the air. Kairi watched his massive tongue come closer and closer, until finally it landed on Kairi's cheek with a splat, Pluto dragging it up her cheek as he wrapped all four of his legs around Kairi's body. Kairi was able to stay standing, wrapping her arms around Pluto's body as his tongue slid up her cheek, lifting it up and pushing one of her eyes shut as Kairi giggled. Pluto's big tongue slurped her cheeks over and over again, each time lifting her cheek up and pushing an eye shut as Kairi stumbled backwards across the room. Eventually Kairi tripped on a loose tile and she fell with a squeak, the noise being stifled as Pluto's tongue smothered her face back to her ears. Pluto slurped Kairi from chin to forehead again and again, his tail wagging happily as his tongue covered Kairi's face again and again.

Soon Pluto's enormous tongue slapped down on Kairi's bare shoulders, pressing against them and moving up repeatedly, soaking them in loving slobber and making Kairi laugh even more.  The princess tried to use her hands to push Pluto back, but he responded by licking those around, sending her into an even bigger gigglefit.

Then it was all the way down Kairi's skinny legs, making her writhe and wriggle as she howled with laughter at the ticklish feeling that the moist substance on her skin left in its wake.  She began kicking her legs in the air until her shoes went flying off them, exposing her large bare feet.  Pluto wasted no time in slurping away at her soles, sending tears down Kairi's cheeks as she shook with further laughter. 

Finally, it was back to her face and Pluto repeated the process all over again, his tongue starting at the girl's dainty chin and sliding all the way up to her forehead.  Wet beyond belief, Kairi grinned and wrapped an arm around Pluto's neck as she continued to recieve his kisses.

"I love you too, boy!"

Later, all girls regrouped and shared their experiences. Larxene grudgingly admitted that Pluto's nose was all that good, earning her another full lick in the face.  "Eyuck!"  she whined. All the other girls laughed.