Gwen Charmcaster
Max was bounding along the suburban streets, dust being kicked behind his large furry paws each time they hit the ground. The rotund, energetic sheepdog was always happy to be let out of his kennel and do whatever he wanted for a while. Barking at this, sniffing at that, Max was having a good enough time today as it was. But it was about to get even better for the lovable mutt.

Rounding a corner into a narrow alleyway, Max came to a sudden halt. There was something in the air, some sort of fragrence. The dog sniffed in deeply with his big, black, wet nose, and a mix of two familiar human scents filled his nostrils. One smelled similar to meat and vegetables, grilled on a summer's evening, and the other like fully-bloomed flowers wrapped in scented leather packaging. Slowly, the fur above Max's eyes lifted upward, his mouth twisted into a smile, his tongue flopping out as he began to pant heavily. He never forgot a scent, and he knew exactly who these two belonged to! Barking in jubilation, Max ran to where the scents were coming from.

The scents, of course, came from two girls who stood facing each other down. One was Gwen Tennyson, a 10-year old tomboy with short red hair, piercing green eyes, and wearing a blue shirt. The other was Charmcaster, a 15-year old witch with silver hair tied in a ponytail, pinkish-purple eyes, and wearing a stylized magenta coat. Both girls could use magic, and they had become rivals due to this. That and the fact that Charmcaster was an evil criminal while Gwen was a sort of superheroine. Also, they were both feisty and stubborn, neither one refusing to give in as they faced each other in one of their regular magical duels.

"Lookin' kinda flushed there, Charmcaster!" Gwen teased, "Have you run outta magic spells already?" Scowling, Charmcaster replied with "You should know better, Gwen! I've always got more tricks up my sleeve!" The witch then lifted her arm and thrust it outward, with something indeed flying out from up her long sleeve: a rope, which wrapped around Gwen's waist and pulled her to the ground. "Participo Cantio!" Gwen shouted, a burst of blue energy surrounding the rope and causing it to wrap around Charmcaster's waist as well, pulling her down too.

"Why you little-!" Charmcaster began, but she didn't get to finish her curse, as she was interrupted by a booming bark. Both girls gasped in surprise and recognition, turning their heads just in time to see the familiar sheepdog coming their way. "Max!" Charmcaster exclaimed, which prompted the happy mutt to approach her first. He smiled at her and panted, with Charmcaster wrinkling her nose at the smell of his breath and the sight of slobber hanging from the tip of his tongue, plopping to the ground like rain.

Max charged forward, Charmcaster only having time to gasp and brace herself before Max's big tongue slapped against her cheek. The thick pink slab of meat slid up her cheek with agonizing slowness, lifting it up and squeezing one of Charmcaster's eyes shut. She gasped in surprise as the tongue slurped off of her cheek, a small rain of slobber flying into the air just before Max swung his tongue at her face once again, this time slapping it horizontally across her cheek. Max dragged his tongue across her cheek, the skin following it across her face. Max's tongue eventually left that cheek and moved onto the other, dragging across it as well. Charmcaster sniggered as Max did so, and the sheepdog was only emboldened by this as he plopped his big paws on Charmcaster's shoulders before he began licking her cheeks again and again. His tongue went from side to side like the pendulum of a grandfather clock, each slurp lifting the skin of her cheek up. Gwen giggled at Charmcaster's predicament, her laughter redoubling as Charmcaster took a full-face lick from chin to forehead that smothered her face in Max's rug-sized tongue. "Hahaha! Looks like Max missed you!"

Max's ears perked up as he heard Gwen's voice, and he slurped his tongue off of Charmcaster's face before turning to Gwen. Charmcaster sat up, rubbing her cheeks as she watched Max advance on Gwen. She snickered to herself. "Hehe, looks like it's your turn for some fun!"

Gwen had only just sat up when Max tackled her back down onto the ground, the dog's massive tongue slapping against her cheek and dragging up it, lifting the skin up before slurping off it in a shower of slobber. Gwen collapsed into a giggle fit, one that was only compounded as Max's tongue slapped against her cheeks again and again, each time lifting them up and sending a shower of drool into the air. Gwen tilted her head back to get her face away from Max's tongue, but the sheepdog wasn't dissuaded as his tongue slapped against her whole throat, dragging up it and to the tip of Gwen's chin before slurping it off. Gwen was helpless, unable to even try and push against Max before he switched targets, his tongue covering her face in wet, slobbery licks with his giant, soft tongue even as Gwen giggled hysterically. 

Seizing the opportunity, Charmcaster yelled "Reverso!" and the ropes binding her and Gwen slipped off. Getting to her feet, Charmcaster smirked and declared "I've got you right where I want you now, princess! Dispando!" With this magic word said, Charmcaster's hand glowed with magical energy, which she was about to fire at Gwen when suddenly Max barked and jumped up at her. Charmcaster stumbled backward in surprise and then, to her horror, Max gave her glowing hand a sloppy lick. "No!" the witch cried, the glow fading from her hand and now surrounding Max's tongue.

Max's tongue began to swell suddenly, quickly growing larger and larger as Gwen and Charmcaster both stared at him in surprise. Gwen managed to stand up, drool dripping from the thoroughly-licked faces of both girls. By this time Max's tongue had grown massive, as wide as a door. Max gave an oddly muffled bark before he spun in place, his tongue apparently no heavier for its increased size. It hit both Charmcaster and Gwen, slapping against their cheeks and dragging them across their faces. He then spun in the opposite direction, the tongue once again hitting the girls, this time on the opposite cheeks. 

"What the-woof!" Gwen lost her breath as something suddenly hit her in the belly, knocking the breath out of her as she briefly bent around it. Coughing weakly, she looked down to see that Max's giant tongue had hit her. She had enough time to process that before Max dragged his tongue up her body, the mattress-sized tongue dragging up her chin and tilting her head back enormously. Max's tongue slurped off of Gwen's chin with a tidal wave of drool, Gwen's head being thrown backwards as the tongue flew upwards. Gwen stumbled backwards and looked back at Max. The dog was about ten feet away from her, but his tongue had stretched that whole distance to slap into her belly before dragging up her body. Gwen only had enough time to wonder exactly what Charmcaster's spell had done before the tongue came again, this time slapping into her cheek. Gwen tried to resist the force of Max's massive tongue, her cheek being squished up to where it covered half of her face as Max's tongue shoved her onto her back. Her face now drenched in drool even further, Gwen looked up as Max's tongue stretched to the length of her body and extended up into the air before it came down on her, pressing against her body as Gwen squirmed beneath it. The tongue jiggled and squished against her, the wet, soft tongue keeping her pressed to the ground. Charmcaster was too busy laughing to hear when Max slurped his tongue off of Gwen's body, leaving the redhead breathless and giggling on the ground. Charmcaster was still giggling when Max's tongue wrapped around her face, smothering her in its slobbery coils.

Charmcaster jerked in surprise, Max's tongue quickly pulling itself off of her. Charmcaster spun around from the force and then fell, Max's tongue slurping across her cheeks as she writhed and squealed. Gwen got up from where she'd been lying and got closer, not getting too close. Max heard her, however, and turned. His tongue shot out again, hitting Gwen full in the face and pinning her to a nearby wall. Gwen could barely move or breathe as Max's tongue slathered all over her face, covering it back to her ears. Each lick was wide enough to lift both her cheeks at the same time, Gwen's head bobbing up and down as the tongue made sure that her face was licked even more thoroughly.

Gwen, deciding that enough was enough, fired blue magic at Max and shouted "Reverso!", hoping it would return him to normal. But her laughter while saying it made the spell go all wrong, and instead of Max's tongue shrinking, his entire body began growing to accomodate it. Gwen and Charmcaster were in wide-eyed, open-mouthed astonishment as they saw the happy, panting Max towering over them, now the size of a small building!

"What did you do?!" Charmcaster shouted, marching up to Gwen.

"I don't know!" Gwen replied. "I think that I must have messed it up some-MMMMFFF!"

Gwen's explanation was cut off as a tongue the size of a large truck licked both her and Charmcaster. Both girls were licked off of the ground, their cheeks being lifted even as their bodies were lifted as well. Max slurped his giant tongue off of the both of them, the resulting rain of saliva drenching the pair of them. Both girls managed to land on their feet, but Max was quickly on them again. His tongue smothered them both again and again, each time giving them a short time to laugh and try and get their breath back before they were once again flattened by the giant tongue. Often Max caught them on the side as they leaned on each other, lifting up their cheeks as the girls were licked by his enormous tongue.

"R-Reverso!" Charmcaster shouted amidst laughing, firing purple magic at Max. But she fared no better than Gwen in this state. The sheepdog shrunk back to his regular size, but the moment he did, a burst of magic came out of him and formed into an exact duplicate. Now there was two of Max! They grinned at each other and let out a bark in unison before turning their eyes back to Gwen and Charmcaster.

Gwen was the first target of the two dogs. Two pairs of paws landed on her shoulders, the girl squeaking in surprise before a pair of big, slobbery tongues slapped onto her cheeks. Gwen giggled as her cheeks were lifted up by the tongues, wrapping her arms around the dogs as their combined weight knocked her onto her back. The alleyway was filled with the sounds of slapping tongues and Gwen's giggling, Charmcaster standing there and watching as the two dogs licked and slurped Gwen's face like it was a tasty delicacy (which to the dogs, it was), their bushy tails wagging all the time as Gwen squealed and giggled, her cheeks being lifted up again and again by the two's enormous tongues. From time to time one or both of the tongues would slurp her from chin to forehead, covering her whole face in their slobbery surfaces. Sometimes the two dogs would begin licking her alternately, each lick lifting up one of Gwen's cheeks, slurping off just as the other tongue slapped on. Charmcaster smiled at the sight. 

One of the Maxes suddenly stepped away from Gwen and turned towards Charmcaster, the sorceress only having enough time to smile at Max before his paws were on her shoulders and his tongue was pasted to her cheek. One of Charmcaster's eyes was forced shut as Max dragged his tongue up her face, her cheek being lifted up by the big tongue and leaving a trail of slobber in its wake. The licks came again, and again, and again, each time lifting up Charmcaster's cheek as she laughed with each lick. Max gave Charmcaster a wet, sloppy lick from chin to forehead, covering her entire face with his big tongue. As Charmcaster's head snapped backwards from the lick, she slid down to the ground on her rump. Gwen managed to push the other Max off of her, Charmcaster joining her as the two Maxes prowled around them. 

"This is actually kind of fun," Gwen giggled as the Max clones charged at them. A tongue slapped onto the cheek of each girl, sandwiching the pair between the two dogs. Their other cheeks were squished together as the Maxes began repeatedly slurping their chosen cheeks, lifting them up repeatedly. 

"Yeah," Charmcaster said, giggling as her cheek was once again lifted up by a tongue. "It is, kinda!" She fell backwards as the lick slurped off of her face, leaving Gwen to deal with both dogs once again. Gwen got ready to cast another spell even as the two dogs licked her at the same time, sandwiching her face in between their tongues and covering her entire head. As they dragged the tongues up and slurped them off in two big sprays of drool, Gwen and Charmcaster cast their spells.

"REVERSO!" The shout and mystic blast came from both girls this time, creating an explosion of magical energy. When the blue and purple light faded and the smoke subsided, there was only one sheepdog once more. "We did it!" Charmcaster cheered, fist-pumping the air, while Gwen shivered and replied "Yeah, but why do I feel such a chill all of a sudden?" Turning their eyes downward, the girls both screamed. Their clothes lay in a heap at their feet, and they were left in only their underwear! It was a side-effect of mixing magics, and it wasn't the only one that had been created. As Max came running toward them again, the girls screamed again and tried to run away...only for Max to catch them instantaneously! He had been given super speed!

Before either girl could react they felt a hard, wet slap on their cheeks. The force of each slap made them turn their heads to one another, and each saw that their cheeks had been lifted up, large tongue-prints imprinted into the flesh. Two more slaps came, and both girls were able to see that Max was the cause. The sheepdog was a whirlwind around them, bouncing off walls and jumping around them. Cheeks were lifted up higher than before, not even given time to bounce back down to their original position as Max slurped them faster than the eye could see. Both girls could only see a blur of pink, Max's tongue working busy as he slobbered their faces beyond any hope of drying. Eventually the energetic licks knocked them down, leaving Max to give their faces seconds-long, thorough lickings as he took full advantage of his newfound speed.

After what seemed like hours, Max's tongue began to gradually slow down it's pace. The super speed was wearing off and Max was finally completely back to normal, stopping his affection-giving to pant and give the girls some time to breathe. Gwen and Charmcaster lay in a puddle of dog slobber, twitching and giggling. "G-Gwen?" Charmcaster asked amidst laughter. "Y-Yes, Charmcaster?" Gwen replied, a big grin on her soaking wet face. Grinning back, Charmcaster said "How about we call this one a draw?" Gwen nodded her head, saying "Sounds right to me. If anyone won today, it was Max!"

Max barked his agreement and leapt on them both again, the sounds of a slapping tongue and giggling girls filling the alley again as his tongue covered their pretty faces.