Zelda Blush
Toby was relaxing in his kennel room when suddenly the scent of the Forest entered his enormous nose. He knew who it was before the door was even opened to reveal her: Saria the Kokiri girl!

SARIA: Wahoo! Heya, Toby!

Saria dashed into the room and waved up at the dog, who panted down at her happily before sliding his huge tongue across her body, drenching her in slobber, much to her great amusement.

SARIA: I'm glad to see you too, boy!  I got a mission for you!  I heard you know Princess Zelda!  Is that right?

Toby nodded excitedly, remembering the pretty blonde Princess of Hyrule vividly.

SARIA: She wants to test your sense of smell, so she's hidden herself somewhere, and she sent me to come get you so you can track her down! You remember her scent, boy?

Toby nodded vigorously, he never forgot a scent, especially such a good-smelling one as Zelda's!

SARIA: And you know what to do when you find her, right?

Toby nodded again, and he started panting at the thought of finding Zelda and showering her with his canine affection.

SARIA: Then go find her! Find the Princess!

She didn't have to say this twice before Toby was off, sniffing at the ground furiously, searching for the smell of princess. Eventually, he caught her unmistakable scent and howled in triumph before running off toward it. Saria whooped and hollered as she dashed behind him.

SARIA: Yeah, that's it! Go, Toby!

Zelda stood in a grove, waiting...waiting...and then she felt the earth tremble beneath her, throwing her to the ground. When she looked up, a grinning, panting Toby loomed above her. This gave her the urge to smile up at him and wave.

ZELDA: Congratulations, Toby! Hee hee! You found me!

SARIA: Bet you're excited about your prize, too!

This remark from Saria earned Zelda a giant kiss from the giant dog. Zelda laughed as she was drenched in slobber.  Toby put his tongue to the front of Zelda's face, then gave her another giant kiss while savoring samples of her her white satin skirt and velvet violet bodice.

ZELDA: H-hee! I'm glad to see you too, Toby!

SARIA: Haha! Bet she tastes as good as she smells, huh, boy?

The dog nodded, and to affirm his agreement, Toby gave the sweet Hylian princess another savoring lick as more more drool splashed out.

ZELDA: Oh wow! Looks like you're going to get a lot of slobber on my dress, just like last time.

Toby paused briefly at Zelda's mentioning of her dress, then started sniffing the satin skirt Zelda was wearing.

SARIA: I think you just gave him ideas, Zelda.

These ideas were confirmed immediately as Toby applied 3 tongue strokes to Zelda's skirt, followed by a bigger lick covering her purple top as well.

ZELDA: Hehehe! That tickles as much as your face kisses. Now, are you licking my dress because you like the taste, or just to be playful?

After stopping to listen, Toby answered by giving Zelda a slower slurp. He licked his lips in appreciation of her enjoyable satin.

ZELDA: Hehee. Both! I understood that perfectly.

*SS-SLURP!* Toby gave Zelda the wettest kiss he could, and with his tremendous tongue he had no difficulty licking her whole dress, neck, and head with one motion. Saria laughed as she walked on over next to the drenched royal, who was grinning widely.

ZELDA: Ky-heeheehee! You really like the taste of my dress and skin, don't you?

Toby nodded before slurping both girls, knocking them both to the ground.

SARIA: Heheheheh! I think he finds both of us rather delectable!

Toby's tongue flattened them both, slurping across their bodies repeatedly.

BOTH: Heeheeheeheeheehee!

Soon the giant tongue lifted the dress right off Zelda, exposing her bare legs, which Toby began licking.  Zelda's dress slowly descended back into place, so Toby gave it another lifting lick so he could reach her lovely legs again.

ZELDA: Eeep! Hahahahahahahaha!

Toby slurped at Saria's legs too, which were already bare.

SARIA: Wheeheeheeheeheehee! It tickles so much!

Zelda picked herself off the ground, only to get licked back down by Toby. Eventually, she gave up and just lay there, laughing as Toby's tongue swiped off her body again and again.

ZELDA: Hahahahaha! Oh, Toby! You certainly know how to show love to royalty!

SARIA: Yeah, and non-royalty too! Hee!

The giant dog looked down at his pretty friends happily and gave them a booming bark. He then bent down and began sniffing them over, tail wagging as he inhaled both their scents combined. This got both girls giggling wildly.

ZELDA: You like our scents?

SARIA: I bet he does!

Toby nodded rapidly before drenching the girls again in a huge slurp, getting both girls laughing again.

ZELDA: No wonder he was able to find me so quickly! Hahaha!

SARIA: Heehee!  He's a really good tracker!

Toby smiled in agreement with Saria before moving in for a taste of her cheek and ear.  He then took a step to Zelda's side so he lick the exposed skin on her back.  Zelda giggled at the wet sensation, as did Saria.

ZELDA: Hahaha!  Great game, Saria!

After receiving one more lick from Toby, Zelda's smile turned sly.

ZELDA: And it's only just begun!