Orihime Rukia
Best friends Rukia Kuchiki and Orihime Inoue are training in light hand-to-hand combat outside one sunny day. Neither are them are aware that Sinbad the pirate has let Spike loose in the area. The slobbering mastiff met both of these lovely ladies individually, and he recognizes the smell of both of them at once. This got him so excited that he ran off to find them, barking loudly.

ORIHIME: Huh?  What's that?

RUKIA: Don't get distracted!

Rukia manages to lay a hit on the ditzy redhead, who falls to the ground.

ORIHIME: Oof! What was that about?

Before Rukia can respond, Spike bowls her over, slobber flying from his tongue and splattering over Orihime.

ORIHIME: Heeheeheehahahaha! Hey there, Spike!

Orihime's face was soon soaked with even more slobber as Spike's tongue engulfed it in fast-paced licks.

ORIHIME: Ha ha! OK, Spike! OK! I'm glad to see you again, too!

Rukia lifted her head up, looking confused and dizzy.  The minute she makes eye contact with Spike, the dog licks her cheek, his salivating tongue lifting it upward with a loud slurping sound.

RUKIA: H-Hi, Spike!

SPIKE: Woof! Woof woof!

ORHIME: So, how've you been, boy?

Spike grinned and panted in Orihime's face as he wagged his tail in response.

ORIHIME: That's good to hear!

RUKIA: (Petting Spike's head) Yeah, it really is!

The mastiff then backed away from Orihime, allowing the busty redhead to get to her feet.

ORIHIME: Thanks, boy!

Rukia went to her friend's side, and the moment the two girls were next to each other, Spike let out a booming bark and jumped at them, knocking them both flat on the ground before licking both their cheeks in turn.

ORIHIME: It feels so great!

RUKIA: You can say that again!

ORIHIME: It feels so great! Eeheehee!

Spike then gives Orihime a sloppy lick from her lips to her hair.

ORIHIME: Heeheeheehahahahaha! Oh, Spike!

The drooling dog then gave the same kind of kiss to Rukia.

RUKIA: Bwahahahaha! I swear, you get more and more slobbery every time!

Spike then put his tongue on Rukia's cheek and licked from it to Orihime's cheek in one great lick.

BOTH: Heeheeheeheehahahahaha! It feels so good!

Glad to hear this, Spike repeated the motion over and over again.

BOTH: Hahahahahahahahaheeheeheeheehee!

After a while, Spike leaned downward and began licking the girls' legs, slathering slobber all over them. This got both girls laughing a little hard from the tickling. Orihime even kicked her shoes off during her laughter, and Spike immediately started licking her toes.


The mastiff then bit off Rukia's shoes and licked away at her naked soles.


Spike licked Rukia all over her smiling face, tail wagging furiously as he did.

RUKIA: Hahahahahaha! OK, OK, Spike! Take it easy!

Spike obeyed by going to Orihime's face and slobbering all over it instead.

ORIHIME: Heeheeheeheehee! I love you too, boy!

Then the dog began playfully slurping all over both girls' midriffs.

BOTH: Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Heel, Spike! Cease! Sit!

But Spike kept on licking, from their midriffs to their chins.

BOTH: Hahahahahahahahaheeheeheeheehee! G-good boy!

At last, Spike stopped and allowed the girls a chance to catch their breath.

BOTH: Thank you, Spike!

SPIKE: Woof woof!