Relena Beach
Max was wandering across the beach one day when a familiar, remarkable human scent entered his nose. He sniffed in deeply, nostrils flaring. It was the unmistakable scent of Relena Peacecraft! Panting up a storm, Max bounded over to where the pretty girl was, barking loudly to grab her attention.

RELENA: (Gasp!) Max!

Smiling mischievously, Relena started running away as fast as her long, sexy legs could carry her, turning her head around and giggling at the sheepdog chasing her.

RELENA: Catch me if you can, Max! Hahaha!

Max barked happily before taking part in this chase, panting as he stayed hot on Relena's heels.  Relena laughed as she splashed into the water, looking back to see Max mere inches behind her.

RELENA: (Teasingly) Oh, no! What am I going to do now?


The sheepdog pounced at Relena, knocking her down into the shallow water. The girl now lay flat on her back, Max panting over her in delight.

RELENA: Looks like you caught me, boy!

Max then slurped his slobbery tongue across Relena's cheek, pressing against the skin and slowly lifting it up.

RELENA: Hahahaha, oh, how I've missed you, you mutt!

Max licked her across the opposite cheek.

RELENA: Heeheeheehee, good boy!

The sheepdog then bent down to her long, skinny legs and began licking them all over, making them jerk and knock together in reaction,

RELENA: Eeeheeheehahahaha! Easy, Max! Easy!

Max licked all the way from Relena's exposed midriff to her forehead, his tongue soaking her down to the skin in dog slobber.

RELENA: Bwahahahahaha! Wow, haha! I love you too, boy!

Relena accompanied this statement by blowing Max a kiss. This got the dog's tail wagging and he panted heavily before giving Relena another sloppy kiss across her entire face.

RELENA: Hahahahahahaha!

Max continued to lick Relena's face nonstop. He adored how she liked to act like such a prim and proper lady, yet had no qualms getting roughed up and slobbered all over.

RELENA: (Ruffling his fur) Such a good doggy! Yesyouare!

Relena jerked back in surprise when Max gave her hand a giant slurp.

RELENA: Eep! Heeheehee!

The girl chuckled before holding her other hand out for Max to lick, which he gladly did, his tongue slurping between each and every one of her finely-manicured fingers.

RELENA: Hahahahahahahaha!

Max then began licking her bare knees, making her twitch at the ticklish feeling.

RELENA: Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Relena kicked her legs in the air until her shoes went flying from her feet. Max panted with delight before pinning her ankles with his paws and slowly slurping her dainty soles.


Max then brought his tongue to her plump, wiggly toes.


Max finally backs off and lets Relena breath.  Relena sits up and hugs Max tight.

RELENA: I love you, Max!

This earns her another lick from her giant furry friend.