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Princess (later Queen) Ariel is the titular protagonist of The Little Mermaid. A spunky, spirited mermaid princess, Ariel is very curious about the human world and loves to explore the surface against her father's orders. It is in doing this that she meets Prince Eric and falls in love. Selling her voice to an evil sea witch in exchange for legs, the headstrong teenager proves to be a fish out of water on land. But she presses on and, against all odds, is able to win her man and remain human for good.
Max meets Ariel

Max and Ariel's first meeting.

Ariel is Max's absolute, number-one favorite girl. From the moment he met her, he adored her, and he actively tries to hook her up with his master Eric, knowing that the two of them were meant to be together.

Max first meets Ariel when the mermaid princess spies on Prince Eric's birthday party by hiding on the side of the ship and peeking through a window. Max sniffs the air and catches Ariel's scent. Intrigued, Max begins sniffing the floor and heading closer to the scent's source at the ship's side.

Ariel has never seen a dog before and watches Max in fascination until she realizes that it's her he's smelling and he's coming her way. With a sharp gasp, Ariel pulls away from the window and hides, a look of fear on her face.

After a moment, Ariel's curiosity gets the better of her. With eyes wide and mouth agape, she turns back toward the window and comes face to face with a grinning, panting Max. Her fear completely forgotten, Ariel presses her nose up against Max's, fascinated by the large sheepdog.

Max, taking an immediate liking to the plucky redhead, gives her a friendly lick on the cheek, his slobber-covered tongue sliding up her salty skin. This greatly surprises Ariel, who was not expecting it. Max then hears Eric calling and bounds away. As Ariel watches him go, she looks astonished for a moment before smiling and giggling while touching her cheek.

Ariel and Max's second meeting occurs later, after Ariel has been transformed into a human and washes up on the beach. Max is walking with Eric when he suddenly stops and sniffs the wind. He gets a whiff of Ariel, who is several miles down the beach getting dressed in an old sail, and starts barking excitedly, running ahead of his master and hoping he will follow.

Max comes bounding across the dunes toward Ariel, startling her. Ariel gets frightened and tries to run away, but Max stays hot on her heels until he chases her up a rock.

Panting heavily, Max puts his front paws on the rock and then jumps up and gives Ariel a slobbery lick on her cheek, just like he did on the ship. Ariel immediately grins at this familiar wet sensation on her skin, remembering the dog and happy that he remembers her too.

Giggling happily, Ariel brushes the hair out of her face and puts a hand to her cheek as she looks at Max with fondness. In this moment, their friendship is officially secured. From now on, Max is a stalwart companion for Ariel. He plays a pivotal role in getting her voice back from the evil Ursula and ensuring that she ends up permanently human and married to Eric. When the two kiss once they are wed, Max jumps between them and licks both their faces.

In the kennel, Ariel transforms between mermaid and human forms, finding different ways to play with Max in both whether it be on land or in the water. Max loves to slobber all over Ariel, who enjoys and encourages it.

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Ariel's Slobbery First Kiss

Ariel's Slobbery First Kiss